Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome.

I noticed that the follower gadget had jumped up recently and I want to promptly extend a warm welcome the the latest to sign up.

First is TasminP aka Wargaming Girl. She has a blog of the same name, Wargaming Girl. Lots of fun stuff to follow there including her latest project involving pirates. I had been following Tasmin for a while now.

Next up is Monty. Monty is the owner of the blog Monty's Caravan. He has a number of interests including some Vikings that he has on the painting table. Good stuff. I just signed up to follow him.

Our most current new addition is Phyllion. This gentleman is keeping himself busy with two active blogs. The first, Diary of a Gaming Magpie, chronicles his wargaming interests. The first post I saw had me hooked. Great painting. The swordsman on the horse had me scrolling looking for the follow button. His second blog seems to be geared towards a set of ancients rules that he is working on. The blog, Aegeus: Age of Mythical Battles, looks very interesting. It seems to be still in the early stages but it is looking good so far.

Our next segment will be on either the ACW or the Anglo-Zulu War. Not sure which yet.