Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Thanks and Dabbling with Terrible Sharp Sword again

First I just want to pass on a thank you to Anibal Invictus for posting up a nice review of In the name of Roma on his blog: Much appreciated.

While sifting though Google for tidbits on the Battle of Jug Tavern I found some really nice maps of Georgia circa 1864. I found a great map in 1:350,000 scale. The map in usable form is in a jp2 format. I tried to get the gimp plugin for it working but that is not working out. I found some other software to try out called IrfanView. I was able to open the file and save it as a regular JPG. The original map can be found at:

But the area I am interested in is this particular chunk of the map. I copied the scale bar onto the chunk to give perspective.

Sorry if this is huge.

Now, this little plot of real estate shows where the Battle of Jug Tavern took place. If you find Lawrenceville and move west-southwest, you will find Beaver Ruin Creek. I actually live not far from there. Some Yankee labeled it Beaver Run on the map. Oh well. Also in this area is where another action took place. It seems that a home guard detachment from Athens fired a "rifled battery" at Adam's Brigade and more or less scared off 2 brigades of Union cavalry. The report of Adam's Brigade (you can get these from the book "The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies" Series 1 - Volume XXXVIII, Part II - Reports from 1891) details that they were following the Oconee river to get to Athens. I am wondering if he ment the actual Oconee or the Middle Oconee River as the Middle Oconee River would have been infront of Athens while the actual Oconee passes through Athens.

Much of the landscape has changed. Names have changed as you can no longer find Jug Tavern on a map (its now Winder). Unfortunately King's Tanyard is nor pictured on the map. We do know it was about 3 miles from Jug's Tavern and there was a bridge present that collapsed under the weight of fleeing camp followers and Union soldiers. There are a couple of likely spots on this map for that. Too bad I have not found anything as detailed as I did for Northern Virginia.

Enough for now. Take care.


  1. No problems. Its an interesting skirmish. I am glad to come back around to it.

  2. Nice looking map. Irfan view is a good program.

    1. It really is pretty nice. It does move rapidly back and forth between the items in the folders that you are using if you accidentally hit an arrow button. That was disconcerting at first until I figured out what I did.