Thursday, September 12, 2013

Pending Projects

Taking a few moments of time, I started looking through my projects directory at what I had started but never finished. As it turns out, there is quite a bit. The problem is that the projects are all over the place and work on any one will not help any of the others. So far my list is sitting at 20 projects. I am listing these here just as a reminder for later.

Rule SetProject DescriptionCompletion %
AlgernonAustro-Hungarian scenarios based on FLIK 55j15%
KMHAWI Scenarios and Modifications80%
BTHSCW Scenarios5%
BTHItalian incursion into France - 194010%
DUXLate Roman10%
DUXEIR Roman v Early Germans10%
IABSMGreek Campaign Update to IABSMv3100%
M&BEastern Front Supplement100%
M&B302nd Engineers Sceanrios 5%
SPLawnmower Scenarios35%
TSSStoneman's Raid 1864 10%
SPOttomans 50%
SPScenario - Action at Sonolenta Aldeia 90%
SPThe Next AWI Campaign 10%
SPScenario - Pohick Church 100%
TCHAEAtlanta Campaign 1%
TSS1861 Part 2 5%
TCHAELewinsville 10%
TW&TNext scenario for SOTCW 0%

The ones that are at 100% are in the hands of others at the moment. I really think sometimes that I just have too many interests. Painting projects are another story entirely.


  1. At least you won't get bored.

    Can you send me your address for the Santa Clause. Cath wants to sort it out this week.

    You can get my e-mail address from my blog


    1. I have sent a reply for the Santa Clause. Let me know if that did not come through. Boredom is the least of my worries.

  2. You've have been busy and looks like you'll carry on the same way too!

  3. Good to write it out sometimes and see where things are at. More 100% completions than me, that's for sure.