Friday, September 13, 2013

Thoughts on Casualty Figures Again

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Casualty figures
I was just attempting to finish off 12 casualty figures this week for my Early War Soviets. I have a pack of Peter Pig and several Battlefront ones on a circular base. I really don't remember how I came across the Battlefront ones at this point. But in looking at them, they stand out far more than the tiny bases on the Peter Pig Casualty figures. As I was looking at the differences between the two the thought occurred to me that the Battlefront ones would make dandy markers for dead Big Men in Chain of Command or Troops, Weapons and Tactics. I have about 5 of these which would be all you should ever need for a platoon level game, even if things go disastrously for the poor Soviet player.

This seems like a nifty idea. So, i quickly ran over to to see if I can grab some quick Italian casualties. Well, it seems that Italian casualties do not rate the big circle base that the deceased Soviets do. :( Quite frankly, I am unimpressed with the Battlefront Italian Casualties. One looks like he is lying on a bed with too many pillows and the other has two together that look like they might be up to something. They also look like they were squished with pliers or something. I am wondering if I can put some Peter Pig Casualties on a nickel. That might work too.

Anyway, the though was to have the Big Men stand out on the table if they were to fall. Is this worth the effort or should I focus on just finishing painting what I have?


  1. I also have some of the Battlefront Soviet casualties (they come from blister packs; SU881 Komissar BI Vasilevsky and GE883 Major Bruno Koenig & Snipers) Agreed, they are a lot better than many of the other BF casualties but the pity is that there are only 2 different models. I hope to use mine someday, maybe on a 15mm diorama or to make scenic bases or objectives.

    1. True. Seemingly these two chaps that modeled for the bases were unarmed too. Might make sense with the Kommissar set. :)

  2. I like to use casualties, not in BF stuff, but in my ancients, but only use casualties that are not based. They look like you said, in bed or taking a break.


    1. Agreed. Finding good casualty figures is tough. What do you use for ancients?