Friday, September 20, 2013

It is Friday and the Weekend is nearly upon us.

Being that it is the start of archery season here in Georgia, my hobby time is further subdivided. Nothing will happen today as I am exhausted after spending the morning in a tree stand and the afternoon at work.

I am still trying to finish off some Soviet infantry that I began painting a few weeks ago. The casualty figures are done. The infantry needs work on their bases before I will photograph them. I should be able to get a couple hours in this weekend to knock that out.

But what to work on next. Well I went to my cabinet and found that my Union Cavalry is not based. That seems like a quick project that I could complete without much difficulty. Also I need to flock some bases on my WWII Early War German infantry. My late war is all ready to go but I slacked off on my early war for some reason. I think that these should keep me busy in the short term.

For the long term, I am looking to either doing Romans or Zulus. I have lots of options for the Zulus that look reasonable in 15mm. Irregular actually has some really nice cases for Zulus. That and the packs of 50 Old Glory bags seem like a decent value. I heard good things about them. Any differences of opinion out there?

I was thinking about Rebel minis for my rank and file Romans with some AB for the officer types. Would they work together? There is also some nice groups from Corvus Belli (probably got that wrong) that has work details and the like. Anyone have any of the Rebel Romans? They seem a good value. Would I be disappointed with them?

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