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I have a number of scenario packs for sale. Click the links below for more information.

Please note that now many of my scenario packs are available from the Wargame Vault.

Scenarios for IABSM, Chain of Command and Troops, Weapons and Tactics

The first item is a scenario book for IABSM, Chain of Command and Troops, Weapons and Tactics.
In the Name of Roma! Actions of the 80o Roma Infantry Regiment on the Eastern Front: August to December 1941. This is now available as a direct download from here.


Action At Ustilug

This is a pint sized campaign for Chain of Command covering the opening day of Operation Barbarossa. It is a half ladder campaign and is for sale on this blog for only $2.00. Stop by and check it out today.

Campaign for Kharkov - October 1941

This contains two pint sized campaigns for Chain of Command. They follow the German advance of the 101st Light Division and the 57th Infantry Divisions. There are a total of 12 scenarios included. $6.00

Air Campaigns and Scenarios

These two are air campaigns usable with both the TooFatLardies Bag the Hun rules and Scott Fischer's Check Your Six rules.

The Falcon and the Gladiator: The Air War Over the Western Desert 1940 – February 1941

Bag the Hun Supplement - Air Campaign for the Western Desert

American Civil War Scenarios

The next set are a set of scenarios for the TooFatLardies Terrible Sharp Sword rules. There is sufficient details that these can be used with other rules such as Brother against Brother.

Terrible Sharp Sword Supplement - The Coming Thunder & The Coming Thunder Errata.

Combo Deals

First up is a selection of Random scenarios.

First up is a scenario on the Egyptian assault on the Kibbutz Kfar Darom in 1948. This is an IABSM scenario for use with the Unholy Mess supplement published in one of the TooFatLardies supplements.

Second is a sample scenario from my East Front Supplement for Through the Mud and Blood that Rich promises to publish this Summer. The scenario is a historical battle from 1915 where Russian Jadgkommandos attack a divisional headquarters in the German rear and capture some German generals. It is an interesting adventure in which some accounts have the Russians escaping in captured beer trucks.

Next is a fictional scenario called Action at Sonolenta Aldeia. This is a scenario set in Portugal during the Napoleonic Wars. There are detailed mission briefings and enough details to make a campaign out of the forces provided. Includes not only British Light infantry (sorry, no rifles) but also a Royal Navy landing party that are fighting some French troops. The scenario is designed for Sharp Practice.

Lastly, there is my Greenhill, Tennessee scenario for Terrible Sharp Sword. This is a historical scenario dealing with a Union attack on some Confederate Militia that were protecting some liquor stores.

I have bundled these together and am throwing them out there by themselves for $2. The button will take you to a zip file with the scenarios on my Google Drive account.

Then there is the Uber Combo that is all of the above. This includes both Bag the Hun/CY6 campaign books (Falcon and the Gladiator and Western Desert Campaign), The Coming Thunder and In the Name of Roma in addition to the scenarios above. This bundle is available for $30. Again it will redirect you to my google drive account and a zip file containing everything.


Currently, there is only one: CSS Appomattox. It is a work of alternative history fiction. In October 1862, the Confederacy is recognized by both France and Great Britain. Lincoln opens peace negotiations … the Confederate States of America is born. Decades later, the young Confederacy forges an alliance with Spain – a fading empire desperately clinging to its remaining Caribbean colonies. The crew of the Confederate Airship CSS Appomattox has been assigned to assist their country’s new ally against the coming threat …

Currently it is available on Amazon. Swing on by and take a look.

TooFatLardies Published Books

Lastly, I have several scenario books for sale through the TooFatLardies directly. These can be found by clicking the links below:

From Empire to Revolution is a supplement introducing us to the Russian and Austro-Hungarian Armies on the Eastern Front. Chris has charted a path through the minefield of the Eastern Front to provide details of force organization and tactics for the war, as well as sixteen varied scenarios covering the period from 1914 to the revolutions of 1917 which removed Russia from the conflict. Written for the Through the Mud and Blood rules, they are easily adapted to any skirmish rule set.

This Land Divided These are American War of Independence scenarios for the Sharp Practice rules. The action takes place in Georgia in 1779.

With Fire and Sword - This is the second part of my Sharp Practice series on the American War of Independence with the action taking place in South Carolina in 1780.

Rock The Casbah - This is a scenario pack with information for both the Troop, Weapons and Tactics rules and the I Ain't Been Shot Mum rules to be used for the 1982 Israeli Intervention in Lebanon. It has specific rules for dealing with combat in urban terrain.

Campaign For Greece - This is an IABSM scenario pack that covers the British intervention in Greece in 1940 and their subsequent withdrawal. It also includes scenarios and a campaign for Bag the Hun.

Call This a Ruddy Picnic? - This is another IABSM scenario pack that covers the East African theater of the war. The title is from a quote from a British infantryman who read the label on his ration pack of "Picnic Ham." It also includes scenarios and a campaign for Bag the Hun.


  1. I'm looking for your Campaign for Greece book and it has disappeared from the Two Fat Lardies shop. Where can I get a copy?

    1. I am checking with Rich to see what happened to it. Since the other supplements are still there, I assume it is just a temporary glitch.

  2. Please send me a mail to chrisstoesen @ and I will work it out with you.