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Scenarios for IABSM, Chain of Command and Troops, Weapons and Tactics

The first item is a scenario book for IABSM, Chain of Command and Troops, Weapons and Tactics.

In the Name of Roma! Actions of the 80° Roma Infantry Regiment on the Eastern Front: August to December 1941.

IN THE NAME OF ROMA is a wargame supplement that contains 30 company and platoon level scenarios covering the actions of the 80ª Roma Regiment from August to December of 1941. You’ll follow the 80th from the open steppe to the Donetz industrial basin, including the amphibious attacks across the Dnieper, and the fateful decision of Column Chiarimonti to attempt to seize Nikitovka.

• 30 scenarios divided in six distinct campaigns
• Historical background information and period area maps
• Italian and Soviet briefing for each scenario
• Formation information and stats for Early War Italians and Soviets
• Forward by Richard Clarke

Though primarily written for the Too Fat Lardies rules systems (I Ain’t Been Shot Mum; Troops, Weapons, and Tactics; and the newly released Chain of Command), the scenarios in IN THE NAME OF ROMA work equally well with Arc of Fire, Bolt Action, Flames of War or your favorite rules system.

This is now available as a direct download from here.

Action At Ustilug

This is a pint sized campaign for Chain of Command covering the opening day of Operation Barbarossa. It is a half ladder campaign.

The campaign covers the opening day of Operation Barbarossa. The German 289th Infantry Division crossed the Ukrainian border at the bridges near Ustilug and encountered the Soviet 87th Rifle Division and elements of the 41st Tank Division. The scenarios cover rural as well as urban engagements. The Soviet defenders acquitted themselves well and delayed the German advance through the town at every opportunity.

The booklet weighs in at 22 pages with full maps for each scenario. This does not have the same production quality as the Pint Sized Campaigns published through TooFatLardies as it has no graphics other than game maps. As such, it is priced accordingly. Stop by and check it out today.

Campaign for Kharkov - October 1941

This contains two pint sized campaigns for Chain of Command. They follow the German advance of the 101st Light Division and the 57th Infantry Divisions. There are a total of 12 scenarios included.

There are twelve total scenarios in two campaigns. he interesting aspect of the October 1941 battle is in the nature of the troops involved. The Soviets had superiority in armor. The Germans advanced with only a single STUG battalion in support of the 57th ID. The Soviets fielded the T34 as well as several improvised armored vehicles such as the KhTZ-16. While not a success on the battlefield, it demonstrated the Soviet inventiveness under the extreme pressure of the blitzkrieg. Full force lists are availible for both German Divisions and the Soviet troops present. Maps are based on aerial reconnaissance photographs taken by German troops in September 1941.

It is availible on my PayHip Store, Wargames Vault and Amazon.

Second Kharkov Campaign: May 1942

This new book covers the May 1942 Soviet attack and the subsequent German counterattack. There are two Chain of Command pint sized campaigns. The first campaign has seven linked scenarios and the second has six. In addition, there is a campaign for What A Tanker as well.

The first campaign covers the retreat of Kampfgruppe Winkler around the town of Nepokrytaya. The entire campaign covers only one day as the Soviets pushed the German defenders hard. The German response was an armored counter attack beginning on the 13th of May. The second campaign follows Kampfgruppe Schmidt-Ott of the 3rd Panzer Division and his advance from Kharkov up to Nepokrytaya and on to Wesseloje on the 16th of May.

You can buy the supplement from here: or on Wargames Vault It is also now availible as a paperback on Amazon.

Air Campaigns and Scenarios

These two are air campaigns usable with both the TooFatLardies Bag the Hun rules and Scott Fischer's Check Your Six rules.

The Falcon and the Gladiator: The Air War Over the
Western Desert 1940 – February 1941

The Falcon and the Gladiator: The Air War Over the Western Desert 1940 – February 1941 contains 38 scenarios covering a number of actions across the period from June 1940 to February 1941. The scenarios cover a number of different types of actions including: level bombing, dive bombing, torpedo bombing and of course fighter actions. The book weighs in at about 120 pages.

There is a campaign system included that is just like the previous Western Campaign supplement. Where available, the pilots for each squadron are included for the campaign system including notations on pilot quality. Included is a pilot progression system for both fighter as well as bomber pilots. There are orders of battle present for the start of the war, Marshal Graziani's September Offensive and for Operation Compass. There is data on squadron changes and squadron movements.

You can pick it up from Wargames Vault and my PayHip Store.

Bag the Hun Supplement - Air Campaign for the Western Desert

The supplement has orders of battle and scenarios for the following campaigns: Operation Battleaxe (June 14 – 18, 1941), Operation Crusader (November 18, 1941 to Jan 18, 1942), The Battle of Gazala (May 26 – June 21, 1942) and The Second Battle of El Alamein (Oct 23 to Nov 5, 1942). It has a campaign system to recreate an ongoing air campaign. And historical scenarios for each of the above campaigns. Rosters of the men from each squadron are provided from the information available. In many cases, the only available information was from the published losses and victory lists.

This is an older supplement and lacks some of the nicer graphical layout that the newer supplements have. The file is a 13MB PDF file. It can be ordered through my PayHip Store.

American Civil War Scenarios

The next set are a set of scenarios for the TooFatLardies Terrible Sharp Sword rules. There is sufficient details that these can be used with other rules such as Brother against Brother.

Terrible Sharp Sword Supplement - The Coming Thunder & The Coming Thunder Errata.

This supplement for the Too Fat Lardies Rules: Terrible Sharp Sword. There are 17 scenarios plus a campaign background to use with the campaign generator that comes with the rules. The scenarios are all from the first year of the war as is the campaign generator. These were written for the first version of the Sharp Practice Rules but are easily converted to the new version.

The scenarios cover the following skirmishes:
1) The Battle of Fairfax Courthouse - June 1, 1861
2) Ball's Crossroads - August 27, 1861
3) Bailey's Corners - August 28 - 30, 1861
4) Munson's Hill - August 31, 1861
5) Lewinsville Part 1 - September 10, 1861
6) Lewinsville Part 2 - September 10, 1861
7) Lewinsville - September 11, 1861
8) Lewinsville - September 25, 1861
9) Munson's Hill - September 28, 1861
10) Springfield Station - October 3, 1861
11) Little River Turnpike - October 15, 1861
12) Doolan's Farm - November 16, 1861
13) A Running Skirmish - November 18, 1861 (on the Fairfax Courthouse road)
14) Hunter's Mill - November 26, 1861
15) Dranesville - November 26, 1861
16) Falls Church - November 27, 1861
17) Annandale - December 2, 1861

All of these occur in a relatively small area of northern Virginia involving many of the same units.

Kiss Me Hardy Supplements

To Covet Glory

This is a set of scenarios (15 of them) for the age of sail. They cover actions from the American Revolution through the Napoleonic Wars for ships under the rate. The supplement can be found on my PayHip store as well as on Wargames Vault.

o Covet Glory is a 94 page book that features rules modifications for the TooFatLardies game Kiss Me Hardy. It is necessary to own KMH in order to use these modifications. KMH is designed for single ship or large fleet actions with ships that are of the rate (6th rate vessel or larger). Small ships of less than twenty guns tend to play the same from a one gun rowboat to a 18-gun Brig of War. These modifications provide some uniqueness for the smaller ships and allow them to be battled out on the tabletop.

If this interests you, please stop by my web store and check it out here.

To Covet Glory is now availible as a paperback through Amazon. Click here to check it out.

It is also up on Wargames Vault too.

TooFatLardies Published Books

Lastly, I have several scenario books for sale through the TooFatLardies directly. These can be found by clicking the links below:

From Empire to Revolution

This is a supplement introducing us to the Russian and Austro-Hungarian Armies on the Eastern Front. Chris has charted a path through the minefield of the Eastern Front to provide details of force organization and tactics for the war, as well as sixteen varied scenarios covering the period from 1914 to the revolutions of 1917 which removed Russia from the conflict. Written for the Through the Mud and Blood rules, they are easily adapted to any skirmish rule set.

The scenarios start with early actions in 1914 and reach to 1917 before the Russians pull out of World War One. It features scenarios with Austro-Hungarians, Germans and Russians. There are interesting units modeled including the Women's Battalion of Death. All of these scenarios are taken from historical events including the capture of a German General and a beer truck by Russian troops.


This Land Divided

This great scenario supplement for Sharp Practice is set in Georgia in the American War of Independence and focusses on the campaign fought between loyalist, rebel and Indian forces during February and March 1779.

This supplement presents twelve scenarios set in Wilkes County, Georgia during 1779, along with a comprehensive historical background, analysis of the troops who fought in the area, troop ratings for militias and regular forces, and complete rule amendments to allow the gamer to use the main rules for this campaign in an American Revolution setting. Each scenario has a full color map, briefings for both sides and umpire’s notes to assist the game organizer.

PLEASE NOTE: This PDF supplement was for the first edition of Sharp Practice. It still contains lots of great games which can be converted with a little effort using the new unit Rosters in the main rules.

With Fire and Sword

With Fire and Sword is the second supplement for Sharp Practice covering the activities in South Carolina between June and August 1780, a critical time for the American Revolution in the south after the fall of Charleston.

The skirmishes and small battles that affected the north of the State were to decide whether the Revolution in the South continued, and were to gain a significance way beyond their actual size.

It has a total of twenty-four scenarios for Sharp Practice that will provide the gamer with a selection of scenarios, from a dozen or so men a side up to over 100 figures each covering militia, provincial and regular troops. Even Banastre Tarleton gets to make an appearance.



The Swamp Fox

This is the third part of my Sharp Practice series that follows the actions of Francis Marion throughout 1780 and into 1781. The Swamp Fox is a supplement for Sharp Practice which presents twelve scenarios and nine unique campaign backgrounds for the career of Francis Marion, one of the rebellion’s greatest and most celebrated leaders.

Ideal for Sharp Practice, Marion led his small band of men through the swamps of South Carolina, emerging to strike against Crown forces and slipping away when threatened by unfavourable odds. This supplement contains twelve varied scenarios based on historical actions and provides a complete Georgetown campaign system which can see multiple campaigns being run. A minimum of five campaigns will combine to create a complete narrative of Marion’s exploits in South Carolina in 1780 and 1781. The supplement contains an historical backdrop to appraise the reader of the situation in the South and Marion’s role. It provides complete Army Rosters and support list options to allow you to run the campaigns provided or to create your own.

Each scenario requires just a two sheet print out and the whole document is presented in a colourful but printer-friendly manner. Ideal for reading on your tablet.

Rock The Casbah

This is a scenario pack with information for both the Troop, Weapons and Tactics rules and the I Ain't Been Shot Mum rules to be used for the 1982 Israeli Intervention in Lebanon. It has specific rules for dealing with combat in urban terrain.

Military Operations in Urban Terrain, Peacekeeping Operations, the PLO, IDF, Syria, Christian Phalange, all are there in this supplement for Troops, Weapons & Tactics. Ninety four pages long, this PDF supplement covers an overview of the conflict in the Lebanon, looking at several sample battles from the early 1980s, including the siege of Beirut. TO&E and force generation systems are there for all of the main participants along with scenarios for some of the conflict’s most high profile battles.

Fancy taking on the IDF with Syrian tank hunter teams, defend your home with the Christian militias, fight the invaders with a mad mullah, it’s all there in this fantastic new supplement. This is a superb guide that provides a great backdrop for any modern peacekeeping or counter-insurgency operation, from Iraq to Afghanistan, from Sierra Leone to Chechenya.

Campaign For Greece

This is an IABSM scenario pack that covers the British intervention in Greece in 1940 and their subsequent withdrawal. It also includes scenarios and a campaign for Bag the Hun. This does not seem to be sold on the TFL website any more. But Rich has given me permission to sell it from my PayHip site:






Call This a Ruddy Picnic?

This is another IABSM scenario pack that covers the East African theater of the war. A classic quote from a British trooper in East Africa as he examined his tinned "picnic ham" ration pack. And that’s not the only thing that’s classic about this excellent, ground-breaking scenario supplement covering the campaign in East Africa between June of 1940 and November of 1941. With twenty-three scenarios and bags of historical background the PDF also contains a campaign system that can be used with Bag the Hun to refight the campaign in the air.






I have several novels published on Amazon and other online vendors. If you are interested, please swing by my fiction publishing page:


  1. I'm looking for your Campaign for Greece book and it has disappeared from the Two Fat Lardies shop. Where can I get a copy?

    1. I am checking with Rich to see what happened to it. Since the other supplements are still there, I assume it is just a temporary glitch.

    2. I was recently inspired to check out this scenario guide by some after action reports posted by 6mm supremo Mark Luther of Atlanta, GA.
      Sadly, 2+ years on and it is still not back up on the TFL shop, but at least people are asking about it again:

    3. Please check out my Payhip Site.
      It is back and available there with Rich's permission.

    4. Thank you for making this available again!
      Still, I don't understand why it can't be back on the TFL shop!
      I sent messages to TFL about this too, but never got any reply.

    5. By way of thanks, here's my review of a relevant book:

    6. I'm looking forward to reading your book review. I am not sure why Rich pulled it other than it was written for an older than current version of IABSM. Some of the scenarios were rather huge too. If I was to do this again, I would split up some of the larger scenarios into connected scenarios covering a smaller portion of the battle.

    7. Just a note to say how much I am enjoying the 'Campaign for Greece' IABSM scenarios supplement!
      It really is a shame that this no longer has the stamp of official approval through inclusion in the Too Fat Lardies online shop.
      Surely it would not be too much trouble to convert the Big Man ratings from dice to 'levels' to make it compatible with IABSM version 3...?
      Also, I think it is a great shame that the original four theatre supplements are no longer available, as work on the new IABSM version 3 supplements seems to have ground to a halt leaving a big mid-war gap.
      As far as your own IABSM scenario supplements are concerned, the unavailability of the 'In the Footsteps of the Legions' theatre supplement for the Mediterranean and East Africa is a particular problem.

  2. Please send me a mail to chrisstoesen @ and I will work it out with you.

  3. Thank you for the Ustilug Scenario book. [Got it on Wargame Vault]. I am guessing the Victory Conditions are the ones listed in "At The Sharp End" ?

    1. That would be perfect to use. That one is an older scenario book and I didn't come up with specific victory conditions for it. I may in a rewrite later on.

  4. Hi Chris, hope all is well. Just read a note that you were working on an SP 2 scenario book for the "War of Jenkins ear"? Is that true? If so, any vague idea of publication date?

    1. I would love to tell you. Basically, the book is written. I am working on better pictures for it currently. I have a playtest version that is up on the PayHip site now. Here is a direct link:

      I just sorted out the cover, I think. There have been some changes to the Beta since I put that up. I'll post another update in a while. I am still painting ships and making trees to round it out.

  5. ok, fair enough, thx! Will await! My new interest is around that, King William's War and War of Austrian and naval....

    1. Interesting topics there. Both that I know little about. I just posted about the covers for the War of Jenkin's Ear book. Would like your opinion.

  6. Wrt the cover photo. not sure it really gets the idea across. I wouldn't mind seeing a split cover (say a diagonal line), with some land forces pics and the other being naval, featuring the ships. (and...maybe entitled.,..."Wot's goin' on 'ear then".....oh...I'll get my coat...)

    1. The name is getting changed. No one liked it. It is now "Colonial Georgia and the War of Jenkin’s Ear: July 1742" With a subtitle of "Pint Sized Campaigns for TooFatLardies’ Sharp Practice and Kiss Me Hardy."

      I will probably take another picture for the cover. That will take time.