Dux Britanarium Campaign

This is a link to the ongoing Campaign Story
Here is a summary of the current Dux Britanarium Campaign that my group is running here in Atlanta.


Game 1: Wihtred v Aethelfrith

Cattle Raid Scenario

Game 2:Garmund v Donyarth

Farm Raid Scenario


Chris' SaxonsDoug's BritonsMad MonkMark's PictsBrian's ??
Lord:WihtredAethelfrithMad MonkArtbranan???
Thief's HordeTribune's TributeAn Empty PurseBeggar's Bowl???
April 500:
2 months
Moderate Losses
Theif's horde
Moderate Losses
Beggar's Bowl
Light Casualties
Beggar's Bowl
No Casualties
May 500:XX
June 500:X
July 500:
Standings:Thief's HordeA Patrician's PurseTheif's hordeTheif's Horde
Chris' BritonsDoug's Saxons
Beggar's BowlThief's Horde
April 500:
Moderate Losses
Gained 2 Warriors
2 Months
Heavy Losses
May 500: X
June 500: X
July 500:
Standings:Thief's hordeThief's horde


Chris' Saxons

Aetheling: Wihtred
AGE: 26Physique: Tall and StrongReputation: Iron
Attributes: Master of ArmsBackground: Woden BornWealth: Thief's Horde
Adelig: Eormenred
AGE: 35Physique: Average BuildReputation: Just
Attributes: Constitution of an OxBackground: Woden Born
Adelig: Sigeberht
AGE: 23Physique: Average BuildReputation: Cabbage
Attributes: LustfulBackground: Woden Born
Champion: Hrotha
AGE: 35Physique: Tall and StrongReputation: Limp
Attributes: DevoutBackground: Woden Born

Doug's Britons

Lord: Aethelfrith
AGE: 31Physique: Tall & StrongReputation: Fair
Attributes:Master of Arms Background: Son of a Warlord Wealth: Tribune's Tribute
Decurion: Bridei
AGE: 34Physique: Tall & Strong Reputation:Just
Attributes: DevoutBackground:
Decurion: Cuthbert
AGE: 30Physique: Tall & StrongReputation: Holy
Attributes: HorsemanBackground: Exile
Champion: Edwin
AGE: 21Physique: Short & WiryReputation: Noble
Attributes: DevoutBackground: Son of a King

Chris' Britons

Lord: Donyarth
AGE: 31Physique: Mountain of a ManReputation: Dung Breath
Attributes: Constitution of an OxBackground: ExileWealth: Thief's Horde
Decurion: Senyllt
AGE: 36Physique: Tall & StrongReputation: Bald
Attributes: HorsemanBackground: Son of a Warlord
Decurion: Gwalchafed
AGE: 26Physique: Short & WiryReputation: Bewitched
Attributes: Constitution of an OxBackground: Exile
Champion: Cadfan
AGE: 35Physique: AverageReputation: Bold
Attributes: LustfulBackground: Son of a Peasant

Doug's Saxons

Aetheling: Garmund the Bold
AGE: 22Physique: Reputation: Generous
Attributes: Constitution of an Ox Background: Wodenborn Wealth: Thief's Horde
Adelig: Halga
AGE: 25Physique:Average Reputation: Cruel
Attributes: Constitution of an OxBackground: Son of a Peasant
Adelig: Ingeld
AGE: 21Physique: Tall & StrongReputation: Avenger
Attributes: Constitution of an OxBackground: Wodenborn
Champion: Wulhere
AGE: 28Physique: AverageReputation: Hairy
Attributes: Master of ArmsBackground: Son of a Peasant

Mark's Picts

Lord: Artbranan
AGE: 26Physique: Short & WiryReputation: Insane
Attributes: Iron Liver Background: Son of a PeasantWealth:Theif's Horde
Noble: Brude
AGE: 35Physique:Short & WiryReputation: Impaler
Attributes: Master of ArmsBackground:
AGE: Physique: Reputation:
Attributes: Background:
Champion: Cint
AGE: 35Physique: AverageReputation: Devil
Attributes: ThriftyBackground:

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