Monday, October 20, 2014

More Welcomes

I would like to welcome the latest two to join up to my mad rambles. First up is Alex Sengir. Alex, I could not find a link to your blog in your Google profile. Let me know and I will post a link. Alex is involved in two blogs:

His main blog; (ostensibly in English :))
And his club's blog: (in Russian)

I have looked at his personal blog and all I can say is PLEASE add the follower widget to your blog! It has some very nice AWI items and I have run out of space to add blogs through the blogger dashboard. The cornfield corner in particular was a very nice touch. The club blog is as he stated mostly in Russian but Google translate allows it to be accessible. A wide variety of things there.

Next up is R.A.E. Gingerbhoy. Now I am 90% sure that this guy has a blog and I was 95% sure that I am following it but to save my life, I could not find it. Please send me your link again and I will post it up here. His site is and it has some interesting stuff there. I have been following for a while now.

Thank you gentlemen.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

More work on my Roman Watch Tower

I received my plastic tiles in the mail. They are just what I was looking for. The tiles come in a big flat sheet. I cut them to size and glued it down today. This terrain project is starting to come together. There is still plenty to do. Especially with the base and making the ladder up to the door.

I also have tried to make a ground cloth in the same manner that Mark L has for his games. The sheet dyed ok. The dye was who knows how many years old. I sprayed some camouflage spray paint on it and it is getting there. I am not sure how it looks. My wife is dubious. But I am starting to like it.

No pictures yet for this.

My Santa Clause project is really coming along. The figures are painted. Now I am just working on basing them. They came out better than I thought that they would. I am working on a sabot base for two of the figures. It has turned out nice so far.

-Pictures hidden until after they have been received.- Speaking of basing, I have seven AWI provincials that I am getting the bases finished for.

Next I have managed to finish a few of my new flight bases for Bag the Hun. These are the Litko bases that have a dial that reads from 1 to 6 and a holder for a 6 sided die. This will allow me to track speed and altitude on the stand. I am having great difficulty gluing the magnets to the top of these. I think I have glued more of them to my fingers than to the flight bases. You can see an example of my older plain ones there in the mix. The unfortunate thing was that I could not reuse the old ones as I could not fit the pieces over the top of the magnets.

Lastly, I spent some time getting some clump foliage on my big tree. Again, more glue on me than the tree at this point. There is still plenty to do here. Oh well, at least I am being productive.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Aaaagggghhhhhh!!!!!! I hate E-Bay

I just went online to my e-bay account and found out that someone has attempted to link to my account again! This is the third time in just over a year. I have no idea who kimmie_cu83 is but they are an evil and VILE individual. It is this user or a variant of this user that hacked my account the previous times as well. How is this happening? I have spent hours of my life on the phone with E-Bay to get the past two attempts fixed. They promised me it won't happen again. Yet, here I sit on hold yet again waiting on them to kick this $%&*'er off of my account again.


I would like to wish a warm welcome to Larry Stehle of Egil's Nest blog. He blogs about LOTR (Always fun), Colonial stuff and both World Wars. Swing on by and check his blog out. He has some nicely painted LOTR miniatures there from the little bit I have been poking around.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Secret Santa - Time is Running Out

If you have not been to Ian's blog - The Blog with No Name lately, you may have missed the news about the Secret Santa deal he has going. Time is running out to join. It is an excellent means to build community among your fellow bloggers/wargamers. Stop by and sign up. I am really looking forward to it this year.

Monday, October 13, 2014

A Good Weekend

Well my time in the wilds of Western North Carolina were well worth it. I only was able to paint a fraction of what I brought with me, but what I did paint, I really enjoyed.

I managed to get 8 AWI Provincials completed in 15mm and three 28mm figures for my Santa Clause project. I think all of them came out really well. I will post up some pictures when I have a free moment of all but the Santa Clause items. That is for the person to see first after all.

My next task will be to base these all up. I think I will keep working on my AWI provincials for the time being and get some more buildings finished up as well. I have a bunch that are sitting there unpainted that have been on a shelf for years.

Friday, October 10, 2014

This Week (or so) in History

I was thinking about this week and pulled a few items to share.

October 2, 1861 - Springfield Station, Virginia
On October 2nd, 800 men of Newton’s Brigade advanced on Springfield Station Virginia. They were under orders from Brigadier General Franklin. Colonel Pratt of the 31st NY Volunteers was in command of the expedition. They were sent to gather wood. There they encountered some Confederate skirmishers, which they drove from the town with no losses. While they were in the town, they successfully withdrew thirty-two carloads of wood from the Springfield Station area. The Union forces advanced a train along the tracks to Springfield Station to load the wood and then the entire force and train pulled back with the troops along to Union lines with no loss of life. (Taken from The Coming Thunder, pg 55)

October 3, 1941 - Ukraine
SottoTenente Nicola Rossi, of the CSIR, volunteered for a mission to track down and engage one of the few units of partisan units that were operating out of Zaukepske, Ukraine. In the day, the SottoTenente Rossi was able to capture the partisan unit and earned a medal for his action. (Taken from In the Name of Roma, pg. 30).

The area of the Ukraine that the CSIR operated in during 1941 was a hotbed of Ukrainian nationalism. There were few partisans to be found at all. Locals were far more willing to sell out the few that attempted to operate. It is from this area, that the Germans were able to recruit a large number of Ukrainians to serve the Wehrmacht and in the German administration of the Ukraine.

October 7, 1941 - Ukraine
By the 7th of October, the 80th Roma Regiment reaches Pavlograd. The II/80o met up with the LXIII CCNN Legion on F. Woltschja. The LXIII CCNN Legion that was operating on the Eastern Front was without automatic weapons. They were only equipped with bolt action rifles even as late as November 1941. The Legion was a battalion sized force. Unlike the German SS, the CCNN was not equipped with the newest and best equipment Italy had to offer. In many cases, these troops had less equipment than their regular army counterparts. (ibid)

October 7, 1861 - Northern Virginia
On October 7th, James Longstreet was promoted to Major General. He was given command over a division that included his former Brigade. (Taken from The Coming Thunder, pg 58)

October 8, 1940 – The Bir Enba Gap
In the morning, a concentration of British armored vehicles from the 11th Hussars was discovered near Bir el Khamsa which is south of Sidi Barrani. An attack was planned by 159a Squadriglia with their Breada Ba.65 dive bombers. These aircraft were escorted by nine Cr.32 fighters from the 160a Squadriglia. They discovered a single troop of vehicles. These vehicles included a pair of Rolls Royce armored cars and a single Morris CS9/LAC armored car. (Taken from The Falcon and the Gladiator, pg 61)

October 9th, 1941 - Ukraine
On October 9th, the Italians are supporting the German attack on the Pavlograd attack. The 80th Roma regiment and the LXIII CCNN continue forward and seize a bridge that the Soviets were preparing to destroy. The bridge was captured. However, the units came under heavy artillery fire and two men were killed and another seven wounded. The bulk of the casualties were suffered by the black shirts. In addition, more Blackshirts and some Bersaglieri pressed forward and crossed the Volchya River to enter Pavlograd from the West. This completed the occupation of the town.(Taken from In the Name of Roma, pg. 30)

These and many more scenarios can but gotten here or now at Wargame Vault.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

In the Name of Roma News Part II

I am very excited about another distribution opportunity that was opened up to me this week. Edwin King of Diplomatist Books has started to carry In the Name of Roma. I waited to talk about this one because it was Edwin who encouraged me to get onto Wargames Vault as well.

Diplomatist Books will be offering the same download deal that I am offering here on the blog.

I would like to encourage everyone to pay his website a visit. He has some real gems on his shelves for sale. I have been combing through his Military History section and noting some items on my wish list.

Thank you Edwin for being willing to give it a chance and for being an all around fine fellow.

In the Name of Roma News

I have just gotten In the Name of Roma released at the Wargames Vault. This option will hopefully give those interested the opportunity to get a better instant download experience than I have been able to figure out with Paypal.

Please stop on by and check it out. I would appreciate any suggestions that you could offer me as I have not figured out the marketing of scenario books yet. Thanks

Roman Auxiliaries

Finally, I actually completed something.
I had the figures painted for weeks now but they were entirely unbased. Now I finished them off raising my rank and file total to 18 Auxiliaries. I have another 16 on painting sticks that are undercoated and waiting for some attention. My centuria is now up to 1/4 strength. At this glacial pace, I may wrap this up in another couple of years.