Monday, November 23, 2015

Miracles and Wonders

Well that is what Christmas is all about, right? Well, I managed to buy my present for my Santa Clause target. Tough decisions to make but I think I got something useful. I have it 80% painted at this point, which is miracle number 2. Miracle number three is that I figured out what to get my Secret Santa. I am in negotiations to complete the order now.

If things continue, I will have both projects wrapped up by the end of the week. And if my wife is not paying attention, I may get some other things painted up as well while she is not looking. After all, I have that kickstarter town to paint up.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Impudent Mortal Kickstarter Arrived.

I just wrote about new toys but did not mention the arrival of my kickstarter purchase. The pack of 15mm buildings arrived. There is not a whole lot of detail that comes on them but they should be just the ticket to fill out a table in short order. A little paint and some creativity, and I will have a wonderful village. I am really thinking that this will be a Russian village when I am done. I have good farm buildings. I have urban ruins. What I am trying to have is an industrial area and worker housing. I think I have solved the worker housing situation now.

It is a poor quality picture but the products are great. THe roads on the right are the ones from Battlefield Accessories.

Now only to find time to paint or game.

New Toys & Santa Clause

I need to give a big thank you to Dean Rapp of Battlefield Accessories, USA. He has produced some spectacular pieces of terrain. I picked up a set of his roads and paid him to paint them to match a sample he has sent me a while back. They arrived today and are spectacular. I plan on using these for Roman roads in 15mm games as well as cobblestone streets. These with the other cobblestone roads that I have picked up, should enhave my gaming table. If I ever get to play this year. Oh well, there is always 2016.

On a related note, a nice size box just landed in from overseas. Marked on the outside is Santa Clause. I am very excited about receiving my first Christmas present. This will be placed aside until we put up the tree. That won't happen until after Thanksgiving. Thank you Santa Clause for teaching me patience. :)

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Interesting Kickstarter - Wild West

Just got a mail that had a link for a new kickstarter -

I think I have an old copy of Fist Full of Lead somewhere. I am tempted to pitch in towards the rules.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Santa Clause - My Update

I finally figured out what to get my target. I am quite pleased with what I am getting. I am hoping it is both useful and not something that they would have gone out of the way to get themselves.

I also checked in on some roads that I had ordered from Battlefield Accessories USA. The owner responded quickly and gave me a status update. I can't wait to get these in. They are stiff resin roads and he is painting them for me. The owner had sent me a painted sample of an intersection a while back while I was searching for the Perfect Roman Road. Well, his roads were close. They have a nice curb molded into the piece and a slight curve to the road. It will be my Go TO road set for my eventual Roman Dux games. They should blend in well with my other recent road purchase that I posted about earlier. What none of these will match with are my Battlefront Cobblestone roads.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

New Toys and Other Updates

Well, I was surfing the web last month and came across a post on Dakka Dakka about a guy who made some cobblestone roads. A little digging and I found his blog: Empire of Ghosts. From there I dug up contact information and emailed him begging for some roads. A short and friendly e-mail exchange later and I am now the proud owner of over 7' of straight aways, A complete circle section. A 80% complete circle that is wider, two cul de sacs, a T intersection and a Y intersection. I am very happy with this purchase. He gave me options for road coloring and was super fast in delivery. I would definitely buy from him again. Very happy.

The Santa Clause

The Santa Clause is now in full swing. I have heard back from most if not all participants that they are busy working away on their projects. It looks like a merry Christmas this year.

Other Terrain Projects

I have tried to get some work on on some industrial East Front terrain. Specifically an elevator to remove trash from a mine site. I messed up part of it that needs to be repaired. Then it needs some painting. I think i have a flat gray spray paint somewhere. Then add some rust and exposed metal stuff and I am good to go.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

It's Time for a Birthday Sale

As it is approaching my birthday, let's do a sale.

In the Name of Roma is on sale now for $5.00 from now until October 15th, 2015.

The Coming Thunder is on sale now for $4.50 from now until October 15th, 2015.

The Falcon and the Gladiator is on sale now for $4.50 from now until October 15th, 2015.

Air War in the Western Desert June 41 to Nov 42 will be offered for free for purchasing one of the above or for $2.00.

In addition, you post about the sale on your blog or on a wargaming forum and send me the link, you can take another $1 off of your total order.

To take advantage of this offer, please Paypal me directly at Do not use the direct purchase buttons as they are still at full price.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Santa Clause 2015 has Begun!

I have sent out emails to all of the entrants. If you did NOT get a mail from me with the subject line of "Santa Clause 2015" with your painting target, please reach out to me at once. I will correct the error at once.

Thank you to all 19 participants. I used a random number generator and did my best to make sure that no one had the same person that they did last year. I can't wait to see what folks start coming up with.

To your paint brushes men! (This is the second year that I have run it and no women have yet to join in. I wonder why?)

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Santa Clause 2015 and Secret Santa Wish Lists

I am trying to narrow my focus for what is left of 2015. I am still trying to get my troops together for my Cold War Gone Hot version of Chain of Command.

Thus far I have a US infantry platoon ready to go and a Soviet Motorized Platoon. What I lack is support elements for the US and any kind of Armor for either side. And of course I am doing everything in 15mm.

Romans and Early Germans are another option. I am building up a force of Roman Auxilia. I am trying to work together a set of rules for a Roman Skirmish game based on a historical Roman Cohort against a German horde. I have nothing in the way of early Germans. I do have a few Early Imperial Romans though. The idea is to have 40 figure strong Centuries. With six total centuries supported by four Turmae of cavalry. Thus far, I am a long way off. It's a long term project and its in 15mm (again).

The next thing I am interested in is cowboys. I am doing skirmish games with my son and we are having a blast. I want to make a Mexican gang but have not gotten anything. As with everything else, it is all 15mm. At the moment, everything is Peter Pig Miniatures. They have painted up quite nice.

Anyway, those are just some ideas. As you can see, I am heavily invested in one scale. Thanks for looking.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Santa Clause Administrivia

Well we are well on our way to launching. I am lacking some details from some of you. In particular, I lack a mailing address and a e-mail address from two participants:

Clint of
David Pike of

If ya'll could please shoot me an e-mail with the info to cstoesen at corecard dot com, I will have you sorted out.

The rest of you that I am missing information from, I have sent you a mail.

Currently, we are sitting at 16 participants. I was notified by several that they would not be able to rejoin this year due to changed circumstances. That I completely understand. 2015 has not been kind to me and my family but the year is not over yet, and there is still time to have a Merry Christmas.

Only one more day left to join in on the fun.