Sunday, June 9, 2019

Kharkov Progress

Things are going well. I have the pictures complete for the first campaign of the three in the book (2 for Chain of Command and one for What a Tanker). It has urged me to get some painting done. I am still lacking somethings to compete them out the way I want to. Specifically dirt roads and trees. For some reason, you can never have enough trees. I have two scenarios that call for some dense trees. I have enough to do it but not the way I would like to.

What I have completed was a graveyard. I purchased the tombstones from Blotz. I made a nice little plot and still have five additional tombstones to do something with.

I lost the overhead picture of the graveyard and only found this one.

Next up was a barn. I needed a big barn for scenario 5 of the campaign. I looked through the terrain that I had and I didn't have one that would fit in the Ukraine. That was disappointing. A quick Google search found this Ukrainian barn.

I liked the look of this and went through some old terrain that I had but didn't finish yet. What stood out was the Impudent Mortal village pack in 15mm. This is a great set of generic buildings that are completely unfinished. You had to provide the look you want. There was a large building that worked perfectly. I added embossed brick paper for the base. Card stock strips for the door and top portion and some cut up washcloth for the thatched roof. I like how it came out.

Next, I had some Red Vector's ruins that I needed to work on. I did the pig sty earlier. Here is both the complete and ruined versions. I finished a ruined shed this time.

Lastly, I finished a ruined building with a chimney that I received from Things From the Basement. I have another six of these waiting paint and another seven chimneys waiting on work. These are fantastic pieces that I really need to get completed.

That is it for this time. I am closing in on finishing the campaign book. I fully expect to release before the end of the month. (Famous last words)

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