Monday, June 28, 2021

WOJE Sprint to the Finish Line

Actually made progress on miniatures yesterday. Started on the basing for my Spanish Grenadiers, Scot Big Men and one group of 8 Scots. I got distracted and finished the basing on a group of 10 AWI militia as well. Oh, and two movement trays. This leaves 1 group of 8 Scots left to get the base material on. I am using some generic tupperware that I found keeps the caulk/Sand/paint mixture from drying out so I don't waste a bunch of it when I can only devote a few minutes to this on a given day. Once I finish these last Scots and a few more movement trays, I can start drybrushing and flocking the bases and movement trays. In my head, this should go quick. Reality tends to overcome my estimates.

No pictures today as I only took one and it wasn't very good.

To Do:
1) Prime 4 wall sections and corner fort bastion.

2) Paint above.

3) Assemble trees. (OK, a bit of expanded note here. I bought the coconut basket liner that I read about on the boulder creek website (Luke Towan: Home Depot didn't have it in stock and they are shipping it to me. Being someone of no patience, I ran over to Hobby Lobby. They didn't have it either. But they had this pillow material that was layered synthetic something. I decided to give it a try. I have cut sections for one tree and put it on a skewer. It needs to be glued and primed still but I have hope.)

4) Base Trees - Need to buy something to base them on. May require another home depot trip.

I think that should to it.

Friday, June 25, 2021

War of Jenkin's Ear

I started to go back through what is left to complete. I have most of my miniatures painted that I need. I took pictures but they are mostly terrible.

First up is my Darien Scots. I have two groups of eight with four big men and a bag piper. I just need to base them and their movement trays.

I have a decent force of woodland indians for use by either side. Two big men and two groups of ten with some casualties. All are based and ready to go. I have at least one more group of ten on painting sticks the I could finish out, plus a number of casualties as well.

The Spanish Regulars and militia are complete and ready to go. they are based up for a pirate game I ran. They are a bit short of big men with three groups of eight for the militia and regulars and one regular big man and two militia big men. I do have an artillery crew on painting sticks that I never started. Come to think of it, I may have the same for Oglethorpe's men....

What I was really pleased to find is two groups of eight painted Spanish grenadiers. I have not painted their officers yet. And they all need basing. Hope to complete that this weekend.

Speaking of Oglethorpe's troops, I have three groups with officers all based up. I do not have movement trays completed for them. That is a task for the weekend.

Lastly is some terrain items. I have a bunch of pine trees to make and some fort sections to complete out. I hope to base coat the fort pieces at any rate.

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Kharkov Church

As I mentioned before, I am using the TT Combat Spanish Church as the basis for this build. I originally worked with matt board to make the facade that I wanted. This proved to be difficult. The board was tough to cut. I had a hard time cutting straight lines.

This is what I was working with. It doesn't show the matt board attempts. I took measurements and spent some time in Tinkercad. I like how it looks. The idea will be to glue this facade to the faces of the original model.

This is the first shot. It would be for the two wings of the Church.

This would be the back part of the church. The plan is to have the roof built with a rod to go as a cap to cover the joins.

This is the front of the church and the top.

Here is anotehr view of the one above to see the details on the cap.

This will be for 15mm miniatures. It should be a large church that would be a dominant structure on the table. I think I should be able to work this so that I can make the roof lift off to game inside the building. I have more work to do before the test prints start. Not to mention buying some more PLA for the printer.

What do you think? My motivation for this is this building.

Monday, June 21, 2021

Summer Sale

Dear readers, Just letting you be the first to know that I am running a summer sale. From now till July 31, 2021, I am running a 40% off sale on all of my wargame supplements on the PayHip store. Just use code "HSQTFIJFK2" at check out and have the discount applied. I am posting this here and will post about the sale elsewhere on July 1st.

There is still time to look at the beta for the War of Jenkin's Ear supplement. Still needs a better title but things are coming along. I will be spending the next couple of weeks making some tall pines for the supplement. After that, I should be able to finish off the book.

Thanks again for checking out the sale and reading the blog.

Testing Ideas

I have a project that I have back burnered for a while. It is a large church for the city of Kharkov. I am reworking a TT Combat model of a Spanish Church. The roof will totally be redone. I am adding to the walls and making the model taller. I have posted on it before.

One thing that I have looked at is changing the windows. The existing model windows will be partially covered from my changes. The thought is to make new windows for it in the updates that I am doing. The original attempts were done with matt board. I am now fooling around with Tinkercad and looking to 3d print the additions. With the new window openings, I am thinking of using a color gel sheet behind the false wall to give the appearane of a window. The church will be built in an intact state. Here is the gel that I am thinking about using:

The result should be nice. I hope. Anyway, the cost should be low enough to risk it. I have done a mock up of two walls so far. The church is in a cruciform shape and the mock ups are for the side wings. I will probably build it so it does not open. Then again, I may change my mind before it is all over.

What are your thoughts on using a gel like this for modeling windows? Is this worth looking into or a waste of time?

Saturday, June 19, 2021

Progress WOJE

I managed to get some work done on my Scots. they are glued onto bases at this point. next step will be to mix up some filler and paint to texture the bases. then paint and flock. I had purchased some Spanish grenadiers. ghe problem is, I have no idea what k have done with them. I can't seem to find them. Another pack of Peter Pig Government troops from their pirate range would be useful to have. ultimately, I'd like 3 groups of militia, three of regulars and three of grenadiers. but I should be able to get by with the groups that I have now. Maybe I can get in a few more minutes on them tomorrow.

Thursday, June 10, 2021

War of Jenkin's Ear Update

Not much progress has been made so far. The closest that I have come is organizing my games room a bit. As for miniatures, I have to base the Scots that I have. I had them painted and they turned out well. I also have some more indians to finish painting and basing. From memory, I should have plenty of Spanish militia and regulars. May need some Grenadiers to finish them out. In terms of terrain, I believe that I have everything necessary for the scenario. I would like to create some ditches to use in front of the palisade walls that I have. I also would like more trees as you can never seem to have enough. Specifically, I want to create some pine trees. Tall Georgia pines that dominated the coastline of the time. I found some nice tutorials online for this and just haven't had the chance to work on them yet. But mostly what I need is time. I think I will have some in a couple of weeks. Hopefully, this will be the first in a series of posts on wrapping up the book. I have been wanting to get back to this for a while now.