Thursday, June 30, 2016

More Urban Terrain

I finally finished off another eBay building that I purchased awhile back. It is a nice little office building. I had most of it done for a while now but I just finished the side brickwork and the front stoop.

I have it's partner up on the painting table. Just finished gluing on the balconies. It should make a nice addition. I also have the warehouse building that is ready for paint. Just lack the energy to complete anything at the moment. I may make some rubble for the ruined buildings next.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Research for my New SP AWI Campaign

So far I am keeping the working title of "Murder and Devastation in Every Quarter" as it seems fitting for the guerrilla campaign waged in late 1780. I have three of 12 scenarios complete and a framework for the others done. I have really enjoyed working on this one. At the end of it, I created a mini-campaign for Georgetown, South Carolina. It was a target Francis Marion had in mind throughout the period but never managed to take and hold.

One of the side effects of working on these scenarios is that it is making me revisit my previous scenario books "This Land Divided" and "With Fire and Sword." The next project will be to bring those up to Sharp Practice 2.0 standards. They are actually quite usable as they are with just minor tweaking. There are some timed events that have to be rethought through, but other than that, they are usable still.

The other side effect was I now have a project for NaNoWriMo. I am doing a novel about Captain John McClure of the Turkey Creek Regiment in 1780. Should be interesting.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

More Terrain Work

While not able to sleep, I managed to crank out a couple more items. I finished off a 4 Ground building. It is a very nice building but I do not like the way the roof joins look. Also the corners don't do much for me. I may end up repainting this even though I am not sure I am up to the task.

Next, I finished two small stands of trees. I had bought a nice set of Woodlands Scenic trees and got some of them based up.

Lastly, I got in all of the figures for my Frei Infantry Von Mayr. They look great. I bought some painted jagers for the force. They need some touch up to make them match but should be ideal.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Scatter Terrain and Distractions

Scatter Terrain

I placed an order with Stone Mountain miniatures a while back and they just delivered. The stuff looks great. The first pack is loose weapons, bugles, drums, backpacks, and artillery wheels. Pack 2 has barrels, crates, mealie bags, and stacked rifles. These will be very useful for several scenarios that I am working on. Pack 3 is nine campfires, two cooking fires, assorted pots and pans and two stacks of firewood. The cooking fires come with an animal on a spit. I must say, the critter looks kinda like a cat to me. The third pack is my favorite of the bunch so far. Last item that I picked up is a building. I have not taken it out of the packaging yet as there are several loose metal parts in with it as well as two hay stacks. They look good so far.


Well, I have been motivated by others Imaginations Seven Years War projects and I decided to take the plunge. I will do two forces. The first is the Austrian aligned forces of Anhalt-Zerbst. It will consist of Grenadiers, musketeers, jagers and some Cuirassiers. These I have not ordered yet.

The next force became the Frei-Infantrie of von Mayr. I settled on Eureka and Blue Moon 15/18mm figures for. I just received my group of Hussars, infantry NCOs, Officers, standard bearers and drummer. Also have an artillery piece and crew. Also picked up a mounted officer to be the overall commander. I bought some Old Glory 15mm Prussian Jagers for this force as well. Two more packages to arrive and I will have my von Mayr infantry ready to go. Now I just have to find time to paint them.