Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Draft Complete

Well it is finished. I have shot it on to Rich to take a look. Now to get back to painting.

I got distracted from painting militia and provincials to finish off an older unit with an officer and bugler for Lauzon's Legion. I also primed a bunch of confederate infantry.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Last Two Scenarios left for "By Fire and Sword"

I have it down to just two left. I am struggling with the Battle of Hanging Rock. I think I know how I will treat Fishing Creek. Once these two are addressed, I will be done.

If you have never been to his blog, AD does a wonderful job presenting a clear view of the battles of Sumter's Brigade on his blog. There is a bunch of great stuff.

The main problem is how to present some of the larger actions in Sharp Practice without needing hundreds of miniatures Hanging Rock has close to 1600 participants. It was a fiercely contested battle that involved some really good units on both sides.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Peter Pig AWI Miniatures

Just received some Peter Pig miniatures in the mail. I ordered one of the British Dragoon command packs and 3 of the British Dragoon packs. I also ordered one of the British Light Infantry packs, four of the militia packs, one of the Gun crew packs, a pack of the waving ladies and a pack of disordered markers. I really like these miniatures. I believe that they will jump to the front of my painting queue.

I also managed to get some painting in this weekend. Painted 10 British Light Infantry as New York volunteers (Lancashire Miniatures British Light Infantry Marching pose) - Red Coats, Buff facings and white pants. Also managed to paint a mounted British colonel (Friecorps).

I have another 25 or so Light Infantry figures from Old Glory to paint up. I think I will paint them as Delancey's Brigade - Red Coats, blue facings. I also have some Lancashire Southern Loyalist militia to paint up. I might combine these with the Peter Pig miniatures to create a large unit of Loyalist militia if they look compatible with one another.

Once these are done, I have 8 more mounted militia and some other assorted figures. I still need some grasshopper guns for both the British and Rebel militia. At some point I also want some Catawba Indians. But those can wait for the time being.

From the picture on the Peter Pig site, I am trying to determine if the Battalion guns will work as Grasshopper guns.

I have finished the first 16 scenarios of "With Fire and Sword". Just six more to go, then I will be submitting it to Rich for publication. Some of the scenarios are quite large. Others are a much more modest size.