Wednesday, July 17, 2019

For Sale: 20mm US Infantry and Armor

I am posting this up on Bartertown as well as here. If you live in the US and are shopping for some 20mm miniatures, please take a look. I am looking for $115.00 plus shipping in a medium Priority mail flat rate box (14.35 according to the USPS website).

I have:
50 infantry
3 Jeeps
5 halftracks
1 scout car
3 Anti-Tank Guns
5 crew figures
3 mortars (no crew)
10 tanks
1 armored car
2 bazooka teams
2 flamethrower teams
2 .30 MMGs
2 .50 HMGs
and 14 assorted unpainted figures

This should work out to a platoon for Chain of Command or Bolt Action with plenty of support options.

Here are the pictures:

I tried for two different pictures of each grouping. Not sure why I have one jeep all by itself other than I found it after taking the first picture. if you are interested, please reach out to me via the contact tool on the right of this page. Thanks.

Thursday, July 11, 2019


Well, I had a little bit of fun money and started surfing the web. I was looking for more sabot bases for Dux Brit and Sharp Practice. One thing I have seen on a few blogs was a single figure sabot base to identify individual leaders. I like the idea. Several companies offer them. Supreme Littleness, Warbases and Greenstuff Industries in particular have them. The last one is a US based company. I decided to go with Warbases for 2 reasons: 1) they were the lowest cost and 2) their individual sabot base was less intrusive than the others.

What I ordered was a 30mm base with a 20mm slot in it. There is just enough room to place a number on it and base it to look like the figures. I bought 12 of them. The plan is to number them one through six in red and blue. This will work for Sharp Practice, Dux Britanniarum and Chain of Command as my leaders are all on the same size base (a US penny).

This will reduce the number of times I end up asking, who is that guy again? During the course of a game. I'll take pictures when they show up. I plan on getting some work done tomorrow on my ships and possibly some empty bases to put in my sabot bases when casualties are taken. We will see if that happens.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Spanish and Oglethorpe's Navies

I have been working on getting the naval contingent ready for my War of Jenkin's Ear Project. I am concentrating on the ships that I can get models for from War Artisan. Thus far I have finish a bilander (a repurposed schooner hull with a rounded stern and different sail plan). I am about 80% done with a 22gun 6th Rate. And I have the hull complete for a 24 gun 6th Rate. I also finished the hull on a 10 gun sloop.

Ran out of printer ink so no more hulls until that is fixed. It will be interesting to see how the 6th rates work against the smaller vessels. If I can get them all done, I will need about 30+ vessels for the Spanish. I have no idea how to model the piraguas.

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

East Front Bundle - Scenarios a plenty

I made an East Front Bundle deal on my PayHip Store. It has five different scenario books within and works out to over Sixty-Two scenarios in multiple campaigns.

It includes:
1) Campaign for Ustilug - $2.00 (Six Scenarios for Chain of Command)
2) First Encounters - $0.99 (One Scenario for Chain of Command or What a Tanker)
3) Campaign for Kharkov: October 1941 - $6.00 (Twelve scenarios for Chain of Command)
4) In the Name of Roma - $11.00 (30 scenarios for IABSM and Chain of Command)
5) Second Battle of Kharkov: May 1942 - $9.25(13 scenarios for Chain of Command and What a Tanker campaign)

The bundle is $20 on the PayHip Store and saves you $9.24 over buying the books individually.

Please stop by and check it out here:

If you will help me promote this, I would be very appreciative. Send me the link to where you posted about it and your email address and I will send you a coupon for my web store. I am dealing with some medical bills and could use all the help I can get. Thanks.