Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Project Review and mental wanderings

I spent some time over the weekend finishing out a few things. I have the first three scenarios of the Second Kharkov Campaign photographed and the book updated with it. It felt good to get that done.

In terms of painting, I got a little bit done. Mostly, I finished off my Blotz fences. These are great and come with enough length of fencing to be useful (46"). I was able to get these flocked and on the table for some pictures.

Next, I did some virtual shopping. Didn't buy anything but was looking for what would I want to claim I have finished out my East Front project. The list was rather long.

Starting with QRF, I really wanted their case tractor. This is a civilian looking tractor that would fit in well on farm scenery. I would like to have one. Totally not necessary, but that doesn't matter too much. Then it was on to Museum miniatures for some hay carts. Just to add a little something to the table.

Now, I have no need of these items for the Second Kharkov campaign but have been wanting them since the First Kharkov campaign was published. That is a train in 15mm. 3d Kreative Scenery in New Zealand has what I want at a reasonable price. There is a Shapeways vendor but they are very expensive. They have a 3d printed engine, passenger carriage, flat bed cars, box cars and an open topped rail truck. This is something I will pick up this year, if I can.

I have plenty of straight track for the train. What I need is curves and splits. Mark IV Miniatures was my source for the straight track and will be for the others. Also want to get another crossing piece for dirt roads.

For terrain that I am making, I really need more dirt roads. I have over six feet of dirt roads but no real curves or Y intersections. Will have to fix that at some point. Just need to figure out how to match the paint with the existing roads.

That isn't so bad. I thought it would be worse. But then, I started looking through my other periods that I want to work on this year. I started with AWI as I knew I had most of what I wanted. Or so I thought. What I found was I would really like some more Warbases sabot bases to complete out my AWI Loyalists and Rebels. I have the miniatures I need and then some. I probably have more unpainted militia troops than I will ever get around to painting. They will eventually become loyalist militia. I have only six Continentals painted but enough unpainted to flesh out about 3 full groups of them. I need a couple of gun crew to bring up the strength of my gun crews to a 5 man crew and a leader. I have to paint the rebel militia gun crew still and their gun.

I have plenty of provincials. I think I have a regiment with four groups and another with two. I have enough unpainted lead to add another couple of groups to either of them. The main problem I have is the basing. I have decided that US pennies are the way to go and use the 20mm sabot bases from Warbases to keep them neat and tidy on the table. Only some of my rebels are based this way. None of my loyalists are. That means another order to Warbases in the near future. I am trying to decide on skirmisher sabot bases. No matter what, I don't have anything for cavalry in the way of Sabot bases. But I may just leave them individually based for the time being.

Also noticed that my Tarleton Legion Cavalry does not have a leader painted. Just a group of 8 mounted men. The leader, a standard bearer and musician are on painting sticks as well as at least two groups of Tarleton Legion infantry as well. I also found some dismounted dragoons too. These will get on the painting table at some point this year.

Then I went astray into my Dux Britanniarum armies. Very pleased with where my Early Saxons are. I have a full set of reinforcements already painted and double the number of cavalry that I need. Yet, Khurasan has some early German miniatures that I really want. First, the infantry with hand axes and spears. They look great. Also the cavalry followers would be far more appropriate than the armored cavalry that I currently have. Those are on my shopping list.

My Romano-British need some basing work done on my light cavalry and me second set of archers. Only missing items are some heavy cavalry. Two packs from Splintered Light would set that right.

Next up are my Picts. I am still trying to find some figures that will work for Noble Raiders. I have a starting force. I just need a couple of items for the reinforcements. Just need to paint at least two groups of raiders. They are on painting sticks already.

Anyway, this is my current to do list. That will probably change within the week.

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