Sunday, October 25, 2009

Rebel Militia

Well a productive weekend has seen me finish the current Rebel militia that I own. I have them based to use for both Sharp Practice and Taxes, Tea & Tories. I now have four regiments for TTT: a South Carolina Regiment, a North Carolina Regiment and two generic militia regiments. I have not found an image of a Georgia militia flag yet to use.

In addition to the infantry, I finished four mounted infantrymen and three casualty figures. I am looking at getting some additional mounted infantry from Lancashire's line to supplement these and a pack of mounted colonels form Freikorps.

Speaking of Freikorps, this shot shows the size difference between Freikorps and Old Glory. The Freikorps officer looks like the son of the drummer. I am not too wild about the drummer as he looks like he is about to loose his hat at any moment.

Next step is to hose down the whole lot with some matt varnish to protect and dull down the shine from the dip.

After that, I have a Freikorps Officer for my Lauzon's Legion unit to finish painting and about 50 Old Glory Provincial troops to paint. I need to find some decent standard bearers to use for the Provincials as the OG pack only included officers, and buglers in the pack as they were light infantry in round hats.

Also I managed to finish my submission for the Winter Lardy special. Believe it or not, it features Continentals and British Regulars.

Painting Progress

Today was fairly productive. I managed to finish off my AWI Rebel Militia. I have finished off the pack of Old Glory Ragged Militia. They were fun to paint. I also managed to complete the four mounted infantry from Freikorps as well as two figures from the Militia command pack from Freikorps. Excellent figures but diminutive in comparison to Old Glory.

The standard bearers I gave a generic South Carolina flag for one of them, a North Carolina militia banner (hornet's nest) to another, and a "Son's Of Liberty Banner" to the third one. I want a Georgia militia banner but I have no clue of what one would look like.

My next task is to start on some Loyalists. I have a pack of Old Glory British Light Infantry that I am using for them. The Old Glory Light Infantry did not come with standard bearers though. I need to figure out how to make one up.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

This One's Split

My attention has once again been diverted. Derk has been working on some fantasy rules called "This One's Split." (see his blog: What interests me is that these seem to be a Lardy interpretation of what can be usable Dark Ages rules. Many moons ago, I purchased some Saxons and Normans in 10mm

I have started work on them again to get in a test game between my Normans and Saxons. While originally purchased to use with the Vis Bellica rules, I am basing these for This One's Split. So far I have three bases of Saxon Huscarls painted so far and three more bases of Great Fyrd as well. I am putting four bases of archers and another two of slingers on painting sticks.

For my Normans, alas, nothing is painted.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

More AWI

Well I just received my Lauzon Legion command figures from Freikorps. There are 4 miniatures in the pack. Each is a single cast with the rider cast onto the horse. The pack consists of a bugler with a tricorn hat, an officer with drawn sword pointed in front of him and two men with an arm held out with nothing in the hand. These I guess they are standard bearers without guidons. They could also be used as lancers if one makes some lances.

Overall, I am very happy with the miniatures. They look very compatible with my Old Glory Lauzon Legion. I think I will convert one of the standard bearers to be an officer for my lancers. According to a reenactors site, the Legion did not have standards.