Friday, May 27, 2011

Mud & Blood: Austro-Hungarians

One of the fun parts about working on rules, scenarios and supplements is the research. By far learning things that you did not know before and trying to see through the eyes of men now long dead has always fascinated me.

While working on a supplement for Mud & Blood on the Austro-Hungarians I found a great site - This has proved to be an interesting site with some rather nice biographies, descriptions of troops and it hosts an excellent forum with knowledgeable folks.

This site served as a starting point for most of my research on the Hapsburg Empire in the Great War. It gave me enough to go on to know where to look deeper. It is also the source for many of the scenarios that I am working on.

One in particular is their biography of Emil Poppr. He has to be the Audie Murphy of the Hapsburg Empire. In his first six months during the war alone he won the bronze and silver bravery medals in both classes and the gold bravery medal. A huge big man on the battlefield.

If you have not discovered this site yet, give it a look.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Mud and Blood - WWI Austrians

I was able to get Christian Ortner's excellent book Strom Troops: Austro-Hungarian Assault Units and Commandos in the First World War: Tactics, Organization and Equipment through inter library loan. What a great summary of the AH army in World War One. Without inter library loan, this book is WAY out of my current book budget. Used copies are going for $120.00.

It was rather illuminating to see the differences in the tactics and deployment of storm troops between the Germans and Austrians. The main point is the differences in the primary fronts each side dealt with. The Russian and Italian Fronts were almost a year behind in terms of tactical developments compared to the Western Front.

I am looking forward to finishing off this supplement for M&B. There is some great data out there for the AH, especially for some scenarios. The Russians are proving to be a much more difficult nut to crack.

While searching, I came across a great poster. I will leave you with that.
I found this on a newsgroup and do not know the source or copyright holder.

Friday, May 6, 2011

WWI Russians - Any Ideas

I am having difficulty finding good data on WWI Russians. Can anyone point me to a good reference? Specifically any good descriptions of company, platoon or squad level combat?

Cruising around the internet, I did find some references to Russian ochotnichya komanda or Jadt-Kommandos. These were the Russian version of trench raiders. Not much details but they had a nice picture of a skirmish between Austrians and Russians.
Unfortunately I have no clue who to credit this image to other than link above it where I found it. That and I found a link to an article about Russian formations following the Russo-Japanese war.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Thursday, May 5, 2011

ADD Strikes Again

While attempting to focus and complete a project I stumbled upon two things, four bags of Peter Pig Cowboy miniatures and a play-test set of rules called Rusty Sheriff's Badge by Rich. This led me to rediscover the wonderful paper terrain I bought from Eric Hotz's Whitewash City.

Now my small little mind it taking off in this direction rather than completing the other projects on my painting table.

That made me attempt to reign in my enthusiasms and write out what I wanted to accomplish.

1) Complete a supplement for Mud & Blood involving Austro-Hungarians and Russians. (TFL Summer Special target)
2) Scenarios for the Battle of Atlanta 1864 for TCHAE. (Target for the 150th Anniversary of the events) 3
3) Finish off a Sharp Practice supplement for the Dark Ages. (This one is in play-test now with other folks)
4) Finish painting my WWII French troops for TW&T.
5) Next scenario for my Platoon Forward Campaign for SP.
6) Paint some WWII German dead minis.
7) Paint some French WWI minis.
8) Paint some German WWI minis.
9) Cowboys
10) Supplement for Sharp Practice featuring Ottomans.
11) September 1780 through 1781 supplement for the AWI in South Carolina.
12) Paint more AWI

12 items is far more than I can practically accomplish this year.

What does everyone else have on your project lists?