Sunday, February 20, 2011

Productive Weekend

By the grace of my Mother-in-law, my wife and I had a wonderful date weekend. Started with a nice dinner at Chops. Saturday ended with my wife reading and told me to go paint. Who could ask for anything better.

So taking advantage of this I set to work in setting my ACW Yankees to rights. I managed to get more than 32 infantry done and dipped in Army Painter strong tone. I also have the next 32 set to go on painting sticks. I also began to base my 16 Union Zouaves. Those are still my favorite miniatures that I have in my army.

My Confederate Infantry is just about complete. I have a 64 man Infantry company with big men (a captain, two lieutenants and two sergeants). I have to finish basing 16 infantry figures and they are done.

I did get to do a little (very little) painting done on my Early Saxon army. Thus far I have managed to paint a whopping 10 unarmored spear men. Only 35 more of them to go.

I think I have an excellent chance of actually completing my ACW skirmish armies and my Dark Age skirmish armies this year! Possibly by summer.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saxons and TSS

Well today proved to be fairly productive. I managed to finish several more scenarios for my TSS Supplement. Only three more to go. Those should be wrapped up in fairly short order. I can see the light at the end of that tunnel finally. I have removed several scenarios that I just could not find sufficient data for to even guess at the orders of battle for.

In addition to the writing, I managed to get a bit of painting done. Five more figures for my Early Saxon army. This brings my army to a whopping 15 painted figures! I was painting figures from the Splintered Light personality pack. Specifically two Saxon shaman/wizards, a Saxon hero (big bare chested brute wielding an axe with two hands) and two Saxons in armor. One sports a sword and a Sutton Hoo looking helmet and the other carrying a two handed axe. Both in Chain mail armor.

I have been thinking of how I would organize an Early Saxon army for skirmish scenarios. I am working on a set of rules that are based off of Sharp Practice with several others from the TooFatLardies list. My thought so far is something like this.

Early Saxon Raiding party
Three groups of unarmored spearmen (24 figures).
One group of armored spearmen (8 figures).
One group of skirmishers (6 figures).
Command Element (party commander(Big Man), standard, trumpeter, shaman)
One additional Big Man and One Hero.

In addition, I am tinkering with making a longship for these Saxons to raid with.

Their opposition will be some Post-Romano British. The British will be a similar sized force except its composition will be different.

Post Romano-British
Two groups of Unarmored Spearment (16 figures)
One group of armed townsfolk (12 figures)
One group of Armored spearmen (8 figures)
One group of skirmishers (6 figures)
Command element (party Commander (big Man, standard, trumpeter, priest)
One additional Big Man and one hero.

I have just purchased the armed townsfolk from Khurasan miniatures. They have some figures carrying pitchforks which suits the bill quite nicely.

I have really enjoyed painting the Splintered Light Saxons.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

More Progress

I picked up some more Splintered Light Miniatures this week. I should have enough miniatures now for a good skirmish game for the Dark Ages now. I also picked up one of the buildings from Splintered Light.

I spent a good bit of Friday night painting the building and basing the few miniatures I finished painting. While the progress was slow it was indeed progress.