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I have several items up for trade.

1) 1/300th scale WWI Aircraft
This was from an aborted project. There are four Fokker E.IIIs, four Neiuport 11s and a Bomber that I can't identify. The Neiuports and the bombers were painted as Italians. The Fokkers as Austro-Hungarians. I also have one Hansa-Brandenburg Star Strutter, four SPAD VIIs, a Rumpler CIV and four Albatross DIIIs. The last group is unpainted.

These are looking for a good home.

2) There are some 15mm miniatures that I need to sort through and update this list.

3) Skirmish Scenario books for WWII East Front, ACW and Western Desert Air War.

I am interested in:
1) 6mm or 15mm Terrain. Especially East Front Terrain. I am looking for items to fill out an industrial area.

2) 1/600th Scale WWII Aircraft (Early War or Desert)

3) Painting my 15mm Napoleonic Russian Jaegers, Cossacks & Artillery for Sharp Practice.

4) .... I don't know, what do you have to offer? :)

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