Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cabins, Fences and Corn Fields

Spent a few hours on Friday working some terrain for the upcoming Terrible Sharp Sword rules. I painted up two small cabins and assembled some snake fences. A quick coat of paint is needed to complete these up. Next, I tore apart a cornfield that I made as I was not happy with the base material that I was using. I will be reassembling it with a foam material.

This should all be useful for AWI as well. I hope to put some more fences together shortly. Right now I have about 12" of fences done.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

ACW Maps

I just discovered a fantastic resource online. The Library of Congress "American Memory" website has a huge collection of Civil War maps.

I have been looking at maps of Northern Virgina to get an idea of the terrain fought over in the skirmishes that dominated the months following the First Battle of Manassas. This site is fantastic. It has several maps that were prepared for General McDowell in early 1862 in which individual farmsteads are listed and a good idea can be had as to the location of orchards and the like. If you have not browsed this site before, I highly recommend it.