Friday, May 17, 2019

Wrapping up some Projects

As I look at my painting desk, I notice that many of my projects are coming together rather nicely. It is just carving out time to finish them off. I painted up a couple of old JR Miniatures out houses. These will help fill in my east front village. In the background you can see partially under coated fencing from Blotz.

Next was some chimneys that I received. I have added them to bases and am making burned ruins out of them. These are no where near done but you can get an idea of what I am going for with these. I took a post from as my inspiration for this. Iron Clad Miniatures is redoing their mold for the chimneys and they are no longer availible. But, a manufacturer has volunteered to create some for me. I will tell more on that later when he gives me permission. Here are the first six that I am working with. One was not in the picture. The flat square was how I received the chimneys. I have another seven to assemble. You can see a Red Vector building in the picture as well. I am still thinking on those buildings.

The ground cloth is also coming along. I managed some work on it this morning. About half is coated with sand, caulk and paint so far. If possible, I will knock the rest of this out today. I plan on flocking the mat once the mixture is all dry. I need to work out a means of coating it with PVA in a useful way to flock it. I need to work out a spray or something.

Next, I plan on finishing two T-34 wrecks. I have them assembled. I need to get these base coated and improve the damage on them to make them into wrecks. I also have some six haystacks to finish off as well. Once all of these are complete, I should be able to get some more pictures of the Kharkov campaign done. I need to get some more light down in the game room. I have managed to

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