Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Progress on The Second Kharkov Campaign

I have finally finished the text and maps for my second Kharkov pint sized campaign book. I am ready to begin some serious work playtesting and getting editing done. I was so happy with it, I had to print it out and take a picture.

The cover will be replaced with some pictures. I am trying to decide if I like the fake Russian Font on the cover or not. I keep changing my mind about it. Any opinions out there?

I also got two more houses from Things From the Basement finished. One is a rather fancy house with a stone base and a tin roof. The picture came out much lighter than it actually is. The other is a smaller house with a thatched roof again. Very happy with how these turned out. I have since rusted up the tin roof some.

I have two more buildings to work on. The Things From the Basement Church and the Star Fort Miniatures water mill. I have thatched the roof of the water mill. Still waiting for the glue to dry on the thatch to continue on the roof. I need to prime both buildings and will take care of that today. I also have a things From the Basement Well. I will work on that today as well. Possibly by Sunday, I just might have everything painted that I need for the Second Kharkov Campaign.

What is frustrating is that I had some thin mats that i use for hills that go under my ground cloth. They have mostly disappeared. I can only find a couple of them. No idea what i did with them. Now I have to find plan B to accomplish the hills and Balkas that I need.

In unrelated news, the first Episode of LARD TV is out and they are playing a scenario from The Swamp Fox! I was really happy to see this and it is well worth the time investment. Check it out here.

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