Friday, April 26, 2019

Terrain and Miniatures - Clearing out the backlog

Well, productive day. Managed to finish a bunch of stuff. First, a Things From the Basement house. I really liked this house but the roof was modeled to be a tin roof. I decided to make it a thatched one instead. I tried for a different paint scheme as it was a fancier place. I like it.

Next up is some fantastic Charlie Foxtrot casualty dials. These are flat and lay fairly low even though they were designed with 28mm models in mind. I can't wait to use these. I need probably two more packs.

Then there are my Dux Britanniarum items. Sabot bases and some looting Saxons. And a bishop that is upset. These were fun figures to paint up.

Last item is two haystacks from Six Squared Studios. I really like these. The picture is not the clearest though. Sorry about that.

I still have three buildings and a well to do for Things From the Basement. And the watermill from Star Fort Miniatures. I will thatch the roof of the watermill. Not sure about the others yet.

And a quick update on the Second Kharkov Campaign. I have finished the first 3 scenarios of the second campaign. Three more to go and I am making good progress. I anticipate a release within a month or two.

Until next time...

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