Thursday, April 18, 2019

More Terrain and Force Morale Tracker

I finished up my Things From the Basement Fences. There are two types. There is 13" of tall fences and 8" of shorter fences. I am planning on using the shorter fences for the Chicken coop. The shorter one comes with a gate that is hard to see in the picture and two sections with missing planks. It came with separate planks but I managed to loose one. The tall sections have some nice details cut into them. Some hollows and cracks that make them stand out.

The last item is the German Force Morale tracker. It is the Phalanx Consortium one that matches with the Soviet one I did earlier. I really like these. They came out nicely.

Next up is some more fences from a manufacturer that I don't know. These were an older eBay purchase that has been sitting in the cupboard for a long time now. I can't wait to get these done and start laying out some tables for the Second Kharkov Campaign. I have taken on some distractions as well. I am attempting to make some Jump off points/deployment points to use that will be generic and I can use them for Sharp Practice or Chain of Command. So I have a round base and will stack them with Generic boxes and barrels in the hopes of making something that looks nice but is identifiable for what it is. I have some specific ones for Sharp Practice with an exploring officer looking around on horseback and a couple others too. Between these, I hope to have something that will add to the games.

I also could not resist and started painting a Dark Age bishop for my Romano-Briton force for Dux Britanniarum. I also have some Saxon archers (2) and some Saxons hauling loot to add to that game. I have no business working on those but there they are. I pulled out some more farm animals as well. I found I have eight sheep primed on a painting stick and a mother pig with babies to work on. Then I found a pack of goats from Donnington miniatures. This should keep me out of trouble for a little bit. Anyway, onward and upward.

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