Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Statistics from Blogger

2013 was a banner year. I think I more than doubled the number of followers that this blog has. Thanks for joining. Blogger really does not have a good utility to give you info on this that I have found. Would be interesting to see when folks joined. Ad Sense
I signed up for Ad Sense several years back. It was mostly a joke for me as the payout only occurs when you hit the $100 mark. Every now and then I take a look to see how long it would take to get to a pay point. To my surprise I have hit the $19.00 mark. How did that happen? Well, obviously some of you are taking pity on me and clicking some ads. Thanks!

The breakdown is interesting. Back in 2009, I signed up for Ad Sense and earned a whopping $0.04. The next year, 2010, that increased to $1.51. 2011 saw an increase to $3.11 and 2012 jumped up to $4.57. That was all well and good. Last year though, ya'll have really exceeded yourselves and it rocketed up to $10.77! For the first few days of 2014, I have already hit $1.13. I might actually hit that mythical $100 mark before 2016 at this rate.

Anyway, if you are clicking on some of the ads on my blog, thank you. Its not something I am counting on or anything but I do appreciate it. Posts & Comments
So far there are some 790 comments so far. Not too bad. The most popular post was the anouncement of the "The Coming Thunder" post dating back to November 2011. The next closest was an AAR of one of Mark's excellent F&IW campaign. The announcement of "In the Name of Roma" was fourth with 802 page views.

I wish that Blogger had a way to sort your posts better. Would like to know what the post with the most +1s would be or the most comments. Anyway, thank you all for stopping by and taking a look.


  1. I hadn't even noticed you had adds on here!

    1. LOL! That is actually a good thing! I put them all at the bottom of the posts.

  2. Neither did I! I only paid attention to the ebooks for sale oin the right hand column

  3. I agree about the stats. I was wondering about when people joined and a way to break out comments etc. I may at some point just slog through the data.