Thursday, January 23, 2014

Sorting through the Cabinet

My scattered mind was racing about last night. I did not have the patience to paint much but wanted to do something. So I started dragging drawers out of the cabinet and seeing what I had that was ready to go for a game. Much to my frustration, I tend to not finish things that I start on. So lets review what I found.

BEF Force
I started these for first IABSM then for Troops, Weapons and Tactics. I painted these up years ago. But frustratingly I never finished basing the miniatures. I have a full platoon infantry with a spare squad to boot. I have a number of vehicles including six Matilda tanks. Three each of type I and II. There are a number of Mark VI tanks and some incomplete Bren/Universal Carriers. I have no clue on how to tell the difference between the two. There there are a bunch of infantry that are still on painting sticks awaiting attention. I have enough troops to get in a game of Chain of Command at this point. I really need some engineering elements for just about all of the troops that I have.

I made an attempt at labeling the picture. It is not a great one but gives an overview. I have a 2" mortar team and a ATR Team as part of the platoon. I really only need a forward observer figure and some engineers to flesh out the force.

French 1940
These are in much rougher shape than the BEF troops. I found that I actually HAVE VB launcher troops! And they are painted! When did that happen? The bases definitely need work. The armor is largely undone. There are a bunch of them from a variety of manufacturers. The only ones I really can recognize is the FT-17 and Char B1bis tanks. I have one of those Lorraine carrier things, some 45mm ATGs and a single 25mm ATG. I have not taken the time to sort these out yet. That is on the to do list.

German Infantry
For the Germans I have a bunch of miniatures. At least half of these I painted. The other half were picked up here and there. I have vehicles and infantry painted up for a motorized company with one platoon mounted in halftracks. I lack 3 vehicles for one of the platoons to complete it out. I need to grab some from Gaming Models to just be done with it.

For supports, I have to turn to another tray. I have at least two squads of motorcycle troops, a squad mounted on bicycles, some mortar teams, several MMG teams, some loose engineering units, more dead/dying and a horse drawn limber. The motorcycle troops are some of my favorites. The bicycle troops were a nifty find. I think they were an E-Bay find. About two hours worth of work and all of this mess will be ready for the table.

Now in terms of armor, I have a little bit of that for my German troops. I mostly know what everything is but I just got too lazy to label it on the picture.

This gives me enough for both IABSM and Chain of Command sized games.

In each case, this is a picture of the drawer where I store the miniatures in. It is from a discarded sheet music rack that I was given from my church. It has three columns of shelves and each column has 10 or more shelves in it. It is ideal for 15mm and smaller miniatures. I know I can fit 28mm miniatures in the drawers as I own a total of 3 28mm figures. I will sort through the cabinet some more and see what else I find.


  1. I feel your pain. The Lardy painting contest has me trying to finish off projects from the past. Some are old enough to vote.

    1. LOL! I am not sure mine are that old but one or two may be passing the 10 year mark.