Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Coming Thunder: Scenarios for Terrible Sharp Sword

I have finished the supplement for the Too Fat Lardies Rules: Terrible Sharp Sword. There are 17 scenarios plus a campaign background to use with the campaign generator that comes with the rules. The scenarios are all from the first year of the war as is the campaign generator.
The campaign generator is focused on the "Battle of the Peach Orchard" in the Fall of 1861. The battle was no one battle but a series of linked skirmishes that occurred across numerous orchards of peaches in Northern Virginia. It is an entertaining piece of history as the skirmishes had basically come to a stop once the troops had picked the peach trees clean of fruit.
The scenarios cover the following skirmishes:
1) The Battle of Fairfax Courthouse - June 1, 1861
2) Ball's Crossroads - August 27, 1861
3) Bailey's Corners - August 28 - 30, 1861
4) Munson's Hill - August 31, 1861
5) Lewinsville Part 1 - September 10, 1861
6) Lewinsville Part 2 - September 10, 1861
7) Lewinsville - September 11, 1861
8) Lewinsville - September 25, 1861
9) Munson's Hill - September 28, 1861
10) Springfield Station - October 3, 1861
11) Little River Turnpike - October 15, 1861
12) Doolan's Farm - November 16, 1861
13) A Running Skirmish - November 18, 1861 (on the Fairfax Courthouse road)
14) Hunter's Mill - November 26, 1861
15) Dranesville - November 26, 1861
16) Falls Church - November 27, 1861
17) Annandale - December 2, 1861

All of these occur in a relatively small area of northern Virginia involving many of the same units. I am selling this for $10.00 from my PayHip Store.
Now this is availible for direct download:
This is now availible from my PayHip Store:

*** Update ***
Just a reminder, I have Rich's permission to use the Terrible Sharp Sword name and though published by me, it has his approval.
******Update 11/21/2011*******
I had a request for a sample of the scenario pack for folks to see what they would get. Click the link below for a sample from the document including the table of contents and most of a scenario.
Download Sample file
******Update 12/21/2011*******
I have created an errata page for a couple of other issues that have been pointed out. You can download the errata here:


  1. Chris,

    I gather the $10 should be in US funds?


  2. That's exciting news, Chris. I will be ordering a copy as a Christmas present to myself!

  3. looks very impressive. Have just sent through $10


  4. ok How do I buy it?

  5. Just send payment via paypal to I think you have this sorted out now.

  6. I am a member of a Group who play Brother against Brother and looking at the sample page looks to me as if these could be easily adapted to BvB. Looks very good.We're over in UK but presumably no problem sending over here if we wanted the book

    1. No problems sending the file over as long as your e-mail will allow a 4mb attachment. Several folks from the BvB yahoo group have also purchased the supplement.

  7. Hi,

    I've been searching all over for small ACW skirmishes, and just discovered the information about your book. Is it still available? And is it still $10? I'm especially happy to see the actions portrayed, as I live near Lewinsville (or what used to be Lewinsville), and until I retired in June worked at Bailey's Crossroads!

    Thanks and best regards,

    Chris Johnson

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