Wednesday, January 22, 2014

More Painting Progress and Pics of my Brookhurst purchases

Painting Progress
Last night was rather productive. I managed to finish off a squad of Desert British troops in 15mm.

I like the basing on these better than the basing attempt on the last Italians I did. The difference is that I used a thicker white glue. Anyway, they turned out pretty good. They are Peter Pig minis. I managed to paint up squad two as well. I will varnish and base those tonight, well maybe.

New Acquisitions
I have taken some pictures. First up is the wonderful longship from Peter Pig. When I unwrapped it, I realized that I goofed and did not get a figurehead. Brookhurst is awesome. A quick e-mail and they said they would mail me one right away. Whoo Hoo!

Then there are the casualty figures. The Italians are unfortunately with the steel helmet instead of the sun helmet.

I forgot to take pictures of the desert trench lines. Those are nice as well.

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