Thursday, January 30, 2014

All along the Watchtower

A while ago, I had e-mailed the fine folks at Warbases in the UK and asked if they had a 15mm version of their lovely 28mm watchtower. They quickly replied that they could indeed produce a 15mm version. Money exchanged hands and low and behold a package appeared on my desk this morning. Opening the package I found some very nicely cut pieces of very small wood. This looks like it will prove to be a challenge to assemble. By the look of it, it should produce a rather nice piece of terrain for my Dux Britannarium games. I'll post some pictures as I attempt to assemble this beastie.


  1. Pray do post photos, I am curious to see if it might work in a Tolkienesqye setting in 28mm. Is your part of Georgia getting back to normal yet?

    1. Will do. I think it would work for you. The bulk of it is not textured and you could make it just about anything you want. I am going to shoot for whitewashed plaster based on some of the reconstructions that I can find on the net in Germany.

      Atlanta is closer to normal. The "state of emergency" is now over. There were thousands stranded for over 17+ hours on the highways. Lots of great stories about folks reaching out to help others. My church took in 70 people who were stranded on I-75. Most walked in from their abandoned cars. I think it showed the best side of the city as so many stepped up to help.