Thursday, January 9, 2014

Chain of Command Armor

I actually managed to finish something today. The last bit of matte varnish went on this morning and it was dry when I went home for lunch. I completed out a Bren Carrier for the British and an M11 and a M13 tank for the Italians.

I did not bother to add any unit identification on these. I may go back and do that later but I am happy with them as they are now. Any other suggestions for these?

I have two more bren carriers to do. I want to make some crew for them that are removable. Next on the painting list are three Mark VI tanks for the British, a A10 cruiser tank and a Matilda II tank. I will probably finish off some more infantry first though.


  1. They look awesome, Chris. Well done.
    If you are looking for suggestions for decals for markings, I'm not much help. I use Dom Skelton's stuff for late war 15mm British and Commonwealth vehicles, and they are excellent. I don't know if he does Desert War.
    Cracking work.