Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Chain of Command: British Desert Forces

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Desert Brits
With nearly finishing the Italians, it is off to the British. I spent some time last night and selected a single squad to paint. These are being painted from the ground up so this is not as easy as doing the Italians who were already painted. The Auburn/FSU game was on the TV and time flew by. I was able to get the painting complete on the first squad and put on the ink wash this morning. I still have to put on a coat of matt varnish before basing these fellows. All in all, they are coming along very nicely. I will post a picture once they are based.

The goal for tonight is to paint the command elements. The officer, the 2" mortar team and the ATR teams are all started but I need to finish them off.

Yes indeed, Tanks. I managed to get some paint slapped on an M13 and an M11 recently. About to add these to my totals for the year. Very happy with this so far. January and I have actually completed something. Need to paint the treads on these and they will be ready to go. Missing Minis
Well, in going through the lead pile, I realized that I am missing some figs that I need in order to finish off some platoons to have them ready for a game. So the question out there for you is do you have any of these in your bits box that you would be willing to part with?

I need:
1) 4 French infantry with vb launchers (15mm) Not picky on the manufacturer with these.
2) 4 British NCO types with rifles rather than SMGs for the desert. (15mm again) Prefer not to have Battlefront as they are a bit bigger than my poor Peter Pig Minis.
Anyone out there with spares they would be willing to trade?

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  1. Sorry no trades all my stuff is 20mm. Just got COC for Christmas so will be interested to see how your army goes together. If I get a new camera and can remember I will take some pics of my desert Italians and Brits when I get them finished.