Saturday, January 11, 2014

More Progress in the Desert

I just completed out the Italian Infantry Platoon with four more infantrymen. These will complete out the LMG teams with the added two riflemen per group. The other two infantrymen round out the MMG Support team. I changed how I was basing these. I used a thicker White Glue called "Tacky Glue" and then dipped in Sharp Sand. No odd holes appeared that needed to be filled. All in all I like these better. These are all Old Glory 15mm castings.

You can see that the British also got a reinforcement in the form of a Scout Car. The scout car was from Terry's collection and got a brand new coat of paint. I think it is a Battlefront/FOW miniature. My British forces now have A Bren Carrier and a Scout Car ready to go. I have my first squad waiting some drybrushing on the base and then they would be complete.