Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Priorities on the painting table

With two significant projects competing for writing an painting time, I am struggling to figure out what to do first. The first is my Sharp Practice 2 project for the battles of Francis Marion in 1780. I have nearly all of the troops that I need. What I am lacking are some extra bits.

I managed to paint up a figure for Marion. The picture came out shiny and I am not sure why. I used a swamp tuft from Army Painter on it as it seemed appropriate.

For the Rebels, I have painted up 7 groups of 10 militia infantry. These are all based and ready to go. I really want them on Sabot basing but I am still waiting on my Litko order to come in. I also have one group of 6 militia skirmishers. What I am missing is militia cavalry. I have four mounted militia painted. I have another 12 or so on painting sticks. What they are lacking is an officer figure. I am sure I can find a mounted figure in what I have. I have a militia gun crew. I can't see this group coming up much in the fixed scenarios that I am doing as Marion never used artillery. He captured several guns that he ended up burying in a swamp as they slowed his men down to much. For supports, I am in need to a Physic, a holy man, deployment points, extra leaders, and a mule train. I actually have all of these figures. They are just awaiting time with a paintbrush.

Taking some time last night to get some painting in, I painted none of the above. I instead painted an officer and six men of the Maryland Brigade. Yep, I painted Continentals. Why? I am not sure. I am violating Rich's groups of three policy with these as I am only going to paint 2 groups of them (for now). I have two more painting sticks of the men but just did not even get started on the others.

I have a few terrain pieces to begin work on as well. I managed to knock out two tents last night. I still have several out buildings that need painting and at least two more houses. I also got some woodland scenic trees that I will mount on a base. Never can have enough trees.

As to the Kharkov stuff, I am intimidated by the sheer volume so I will hide behind my AWI stuff for now.

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