Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Another busy night. AWI forces are shaping up

Well the paint brushes were going last night. I managed to finish the basing on a large block of figures. Let's start with my rebel forces.

Here we have the 36 GAJO painted militia miniatures that I bought. I got these based on #10 washers. Hopefully my ordered sabots from Litko will fit these well.

Next up is some Provincial troops. I had painted up some extra New Jersey Volunteers. While I had the time, I based them last night.

Unfortunately, I broke the bayonet off of one of them. I still have a six more of these guys on painting sticks to paint up but I am holding off for now as I already have 3 groups of 8 ready to go.

Then there was a group of eight Delancey Brigade troops, an officer and a musician.

I have at least another group of 8 of these guys on painting sticks. I think there may be two or three unpainted groups in the drawer. Anyway, I have two full groups painted up and that is good enough for the moment.

Next, there is the British Legion cavalry. I needed some cavalry support for my Brits so these were a natural for the Southern Theater in 1780. I have another 8 of these fellows on painting sticks. i also have two standard bearers and two buglers. None of those extras are painted yet. They came out pretty good. I need to get an officer looking figure. Any ideas for a single figure?

these are really nice Peter Pig figures. Very happy with them. Just need some leadership.

Last up is some British Regular artillery. These are more Peter Pig figures. They have nice artillery and crews that are militia, regular and Continentals. They are just great.

Well that is it for last night. Well, that I took pictures of anyway. I also painted up a Rebel officer to represent Francis Marion. I used the description of Marion where he was described arriving at Gates' camp in early August 1780. In William Gilmore Simms book on Marion The Life of Francis Marion, he quotes the son of Major John Hames as to Marion's appearance:

"He was dressed in a close round bodied crimson jacket, of a course texture, and wore a leather cap, part of the uniform of the second regiment, with a silver crescent in front, inscribed with the words "Liberty or Death.""

I think it is coming together. I need to apply some clear varnish and base it still.