Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Marion Scenario book now has a Tentative Name

Well I have finally settled on a working title for my Marion book. It is from a quote from General Nathanael Greene in a letter that he wrote to Alexander hamilton in describing the situation that he found when he arrived in South carolina and saw the situation that was going on. The Quote is:

"The division between the people is much greater that I imagined; and the whigs and tories persecute each other with savage fury. There is nothing but murder and devastation in every quarter." (Rankin, 1976.)
So the working title is Murder and Devastation in Every Quarter. It might be overplayed. What do ya'll think?

It will contain 12 scenarios. 11 of them are from August 1780 to December 1780. I added an additional scenario featuring the colorful troops of Light Horse Henry Lee's Legion in January 24, 1781 just to add some Continental troops to the book. Also i am including a pint sized campaign for the battle for Georgetown. I am making great progress on it so far and am about 40% through the whole thing. Anyone interested in some BETA testing?


  1. Sounds good to me. No able to make CMON-heading to Mobile this weekend.
    Swamp Fox scenarios--like I need an excuse to make some marsh terrain

    1. Thanks. Miss you at CMON. But I understand. Definitely need more swamps.