Monday, November 3, 2014

A Bit of Weekend Fun

Over the weekend I did not manage to get some work done. First, I found a new hobby shop that is half way between my house and my son's school. It was a standard hobby shop that was mostly model kits, rail road supplies and radio control planes and cars. I did find a single 1/100th scale Zveda kit for a Kht-26. Well it just so happened that I need one of these. It was quickly purchased.

On Saturday morning, I took a look at the kit. Having purchased one of the Ba-10 kits from the same company, I was a little nervous. Well this kit was very straight forward.

With the help of my son, we quickly had it put together. It is a nice little kit. It still needs some paint as it is just a shiny plastic right now.

Also on Saturday, I took my son to the local train shop so he could see their display. They have a huge display room with multiple tracks. My family must have spent over a half hour watching the trains run. When we went through the shop I found a few things. The first was a conveyor kit that I have been wanting for my Eastern Front terrain. At $16.00, I picked it up. Then I found another one that I put on my Christmas wish list.

When we got home, my son begged me to "play miniatures." What else could I do but give in. Recently, my wife had picked up a table for my son's play room from Ikea. It is a nice little folding table that is some 5' by 3' in size. So its a bit smaller than the kitchen table but it was perfect for us.

We set up a quick game of Chain of Command "lite" and my son proceeded to roll more sixes that I have ever seen. His first turn lasted four phases. He wanted to play with the new tank that he made. So we each had a platoon of tanks. Joshua had 3 T-26s and the Kht-26 and I had a platoon of three Panzer IIs and my new Pz II Flamm. We also had a squad of infantry each. His T-26s proceeded to destroy the two Panzer IIs that I managed to deploy and he got his Kht-26 to hose down my infantry squad and broke them. At this point, my morale broke and the game was over. My son's victory came at the cost of 2 infantry and some shock on one of his tank.

Well, it was a fun day all the way around.

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