Friday, September 12, 2014

Slow but steady Progress - Dux Romans

I managed to get my next group of 8 Auxiliaries on to bases last night. They still need paint and flocking but are getting close. You can see them in the picture below with the sandy bases.

The centurions are primed and on a painting stick. I still have to prime my shields for them. I also have my next command group and 16 more Auxiliaries on the tray. I really need to order some of the Rebel Auxiliaries in the next few days to bulk up the troops.

I also worked on the watch tower. I added a wooden frame to what will be the 'rock' base of the tower. That went well. I cut up some match sticks and PVA glued them in place. I am still trying to work out how I will do the 'rock' portion. I will probably buy some grout or Spackle and carve the rock shapes into whatever I end up smearing on it.


  1. For the rock portion, use EVA foam. Is easy to cut and to mark the rocks with a rollerpen.

  2. Nevertheless, remember that the romans plastered almost anything, so the "rocks" probably were painted!

    1. hmmm.... It is tempting to try to do that. I was going to have a plastered upper structure and a stone lower structure. Now I may rethink.