Monday, September 8, 2014

Santa Clause Update and Welcome


I just saw that we have another new follower here on the blog. Welcome Robbie3rodiss! Please let me know what your blog address is so I can add it to the post. Thanks for joining.

The Santa Clause

So far we are doing pretty well. Several of you have sent in e-mails rather than posting on the Blog which is perfectly acceptable. So at this point we have six folks signed up. This is only 2 shy of last years numbers for the Santa Clause. But of last year's participants, only three have resigned (including Ian and myself). I figure with a week left to go, this is not too bad. I received the list from Ian on who had who as a Santa Clause. I will try to mix it up this year to make sure we don't have the same arrangement and give everyone something new. I still hope that some of last year's participants will still sign up.

Let me know, Is the time frame too short? Should I extend the deadline for signing up past the 15th? Anyway, I am looking forward to this.