Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Distractions - Battle of Alligator Bridge June 30, 1778

I am thinking of taking a short departure from my current projects. I just found a good description of the Battle of Alligator Bridge in June 30, 1778. This was an interesting battle that brought to the end any attempts of the Georgia Militia and Colonial forces from taking British Florida. It would be the closest that they would get to Saint Augustine during the war.

It was a battle that Elijah Clarke fought in and was wounded. It was a very unbalanced battle with 700 British Regulars and 100 Provincial troops (Thomas Brown's boys) against about 200 Rebels. It did not go well for the rebels. This would end up as a small campaign series of a few scenarios. It should be fun.

Anyway, I am thinking about it.


  1. You have me interested. Do you have any links to the battle

    1. The Wikipedia site is actually pretty good. That is a great starting point. There is a good book called "A Kings Ranger" that is about Thomas Brown and his men that covers a number of skirmishes throughout Florida and Georgia.