Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Welcomes and More Roman Terrain thoughts

Welcome to the Wilde Goose. He runs a blog called "The Wilde Goose." It is a very interesting blog with lots of Napoleonic games. He is also part of Prague Wargamers and Bohemian Gentlemen Gamers. All are well worth a visit.

Roman Terrain
Roman Roads in 15mm are not really easy to come by based on my quick scan of the vendors that I could find. I did find Battlefield Accessories USA. They have some cobblestone roads that look promising. What I am thinking is to take the cobblestone road that they have and put a small bend in it so it has the curve seen in Roman roads. Then base that on some felt or other material and build up the sides to show the drainage ditches for it. That and a milestone should get me what I am looking for. Anyway, I am getting a sample section of road from them to see how it may work out.

Thomas N pointed out that I need lots of good ambush terrain such as forests and swamps. Absolutely. Besides, you can never have enough trees. I tried to make a forest area based on some instructions that I found online. The canopy came out OK. For the base, I had it the right shape and painted. Then I dropped it on the ground and the base basically shattered. I just have not had the heart to try to fix it. I have some individual trees but never enough.

Swamps are another issue though. Given that I hate making this stuff, the Battlefront swamp pack looks interesting. I think JR Miniatures may have something as well. Anyway, that won't happen soon.

One last thought, I have a scenario that is a raid on one of the small forts along the limes. I really want the JR Miniatures Mile fort to work. The drawings of the fort show it having walls with no towers at the corners. The mile fort kit has that. Walls with an earthen ramp on the inside - the JR minis kit has that. A plain gate set in the wall with no gate house - there I am out of luck. Or a gate with a tower above the gate rather than a gatehouse - again no joy. Inside the fort I would need a barracks building, a small workshop and a granary. The artist rendering has a small oven inside the compound as well. I could try to scratch build something but that does not seem to hold much excitement for me at the moment.

I think the starting point for me will be the roads and the watchtower. The watchtower should be top priority since I already have it. Maybe next post I will have some figures painted. Oh, that reminds me, I figured out how I will base these. I have a large flat rectangular magnet. The plan is to cut this into squares and use that as basing. The officers will be readily visible due to their head gear. Once they are based up, I can make a movement tray to move them in formation. Well, that is the plan at least.

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