Friday, August 22, 2014

Die Wacht am Limes - Terrain Ideas

I have been mulling over terrain for this project. I have come up with a few items that I think I will need.

Limes Wall

I started on a section of the limes to begin with. This is a two foot long section. I am planning on at least two more similar sections once this is done. That should be enough to span the whole table.

Watch Tower

I picked one of these up a while back. It is an MDF model. I have not had a chance to put this together yet. Definitely on the to do list.

Roman Villa

Yep, a Roman Villa Rustica is definitely needed. The farm complexes can be rather complex. I am thinking of building one that is a small one and another that is a medium size one with a nice garden and fountain. There are some really nice examples out on the internet. The small one I plan on building is based on this one.

I took this from the site

The larger ones can be huge and cover an entire table in scale.

In looking for what I wanted, I found Dante's Wars blog. I am very impressed with what he has put together.

Roman Fort

I want to make something like the kleinkastle Lochmuhle. That is further down the road. I have ideas but I want the other items done first.

A Temple

I found some plans for a temple of Mithras online. This could make for a nice small terrain item.

What Else?

There is a small German village. That could be useful. But what else? What other items of terrain should I think about? Suggestions?


  1. Roman roads! A must!!
    I suggest to look Sidney Roundwood blog 2-3 years ago, he built a very effective Roman house to play with Dux

    1. Roads! Of course. I remember his article. Rich also posted something on the TFL blog.

    2. I found Sid's Article:

      This will help.

  2. I'd take a look at 'The Bigredbatcave' blog, dedicated to all things Roman. Must be ideas on there!

    1. I did. Lots of beautifully painted figures on that one. I searched for a bit but need to dig in some more there.

  3. I'm looking forward to reading more as this project develops!

  4. Roads leading through woods. Perhaps with a swamp. You know, ambushland.

    1. Absolutely. I have some dirt roads which will probably do for secondaries or tracks leading north of the Limes. I think I have a lead on some suitable roads for proper Roman roads. I may post on that later today.