Saturday, August 9, 2014

Amazon Kindle Books and Wargaming

I have had In the Name of Roma up on Amazon since the end of February of this year. It was selling for less than the PDF on my website at $9.99 but honestly, it has been less than stellar out there. I received an e-mail from Kindle Direct Publishing that was talking about their difficulty with another company that wanted to increase the price of e-books while Amazon wanted to keep the prices down.

In that article they talked about how $9.99 was a good price for an e-book but $14.99 was excessive (I greatly summarize here). So my thought was is $9.99 too much for a Kindle version of a book that is selling much better as a PDF on my blog for $11.00?

As an experiment, I just lowered the cost of the Kindle book to see if that will get more interest going. Anyway, let me know your thoughts.

Here are the links to the book.
USA Kindle Site:

UK Kindle Site:

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