Friday, March 21, 2014

Happy Day, I get to Play

Ordinarily business travel is more of a chore than a joy. This trip was more chore than joy but if there is a silver lining, it is getting to meet old friends. First, it was those from my customer of 10+ years. Next it will be getting to meet up with Alan and his gaming crew at his house on Saturday. Alan is always a gracious host and puts on a fun game.

But today, other than sleep deprivation from a nearly all night meeting, I managed to get some fun in. I visited Minneapolis' own The Source Comics and Games. Sorry that there is no pictures. I got slack. The Source is my idea of an ideal gaming shop. First, the place is huge. It has tons of Historicals from rules to miniatures. They cover many periods in several scales. Most important for me, they have LOADS of 15mm stuff.

They carry much of the Peter Pig lines. Unfortunately, the specific packs I was looking for, they did not have. They also do not carry the Viking range yet, so my Saxon fleet is still just one craft. :(

What they did have was a surprising find. Having limited funds on this shopping excursion, I was going to stick to my list. No matter what. Unless I can't find what I want. Then, trouble ensues. After combing the PBI and AK47 ranges for the desired packs and coming up empty handed, I let my eyes wander across the Old Glory ancients lines. Maybe they would have some Roman Auxiliaries. Instead, I nearly ended up buying a pack of Canaanites. Using every last bit of self control that I could muster, I put the biblicals back. Then I spotted something that ended up following me home. Dux Brit will have the Raiders supplement in just a few short days. What does every skirmish game need? Casualties and civilians. Well Old Glory does not do casualties but they do have civilians. This was actually news to me. I grabbed DC2 Dark Ages Camp Set. This set comes with a rather nice ox cart, 2 drivers and several man and women civilians. The pack I got had several bubbles in the lead on closer inspection but nothing too bad. There is also baggage and two tents. I am not wild about the tents but the miniatures will go very nicely with my Dux project.

I also picked up some paints that I needed to get a few DAK painted up for Chain of Command. All in all, it was a good day.


  1. Welcome to Minneapolis! The Source is a great store and great place to game. The only reason we split time away from it is Fantasy Flight Game Center has craft beer plus a grill. Hard to beat pushing lead with a cold one in your hand. And a basket of fries. ;-)

  2. Self control eh? What's that all about?

  3. I don't do that many business trips but when I do (and if I have any free time) I try to find a local gamer and organise something or take in a show. Last year that got me to Salute for the first time and two very enjoyable evenings of gaming in Grimsby. This year an enjoyable afternoon/evening in Switzerland and in April gaming in Lisbon if all goes to plan

    1. My next trip, if it occurs will probably be to the Dallas Texas area. I need to try that again.

  4. Self control... Any store or show is a real danger for us...

  5. That was a well-planned business trip, Chris!