Friday, October 18, 2013

Planning Updates for the Terry Game Day

November second keeps coming closer and closer. I managed to finish out the basing on the remaining Soviets I needed for the support lists for my Chain of Command game. The support lists for the Soviets seem to me to be much better than my Italian support list options. But I have now finished a project that I started months ago and lay abandoned. I finished my Italian Padre figure. When the wife was not looking, I managed to get a few moments and carve off the holster on the figure and found some ribbon to trim to size and place on the figure. I ended up with it being too long but I think it still works. Today at lunch, I went home and managed to paint the ribbon an appropriate purple color. Hopefully, i will get some pictures of the figures tonight.

Mark reminded me that not only did I commit to running Chain of Command, but also a Bag the Hun game as well. Well, having nothing set in mind for this, I looked in the games cabinet and went looking for my 1/600 scale aircraft. Mostly Hurricanes, Bf109s and Stukas are there for North Africa. Well, I wrote a supplement that covers that very thing a while back. Shuffled through my PDFs, I found the scenario that I wanted. July 17th, 1941, towards the end of Operation Battleaxe, 204 Group dispatched 12 hurricanes on a ground attack mission over Sidi Omar. They ran into some Stukas and Bf109s. (well, there were Italian Stukas and some G50s as well). Since this was from my oldest BTH supplement, it was not laid out as well as my later supplement. So off to the rewrite.

Once the game finishes, I will post it up here for you to grab and do with it as you want.

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