Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Painting Accomplished

Last night I managed to finish off some more Desert Brits. I have an ATR team, a light mortar team, 2 weapon crew men, and a MMG team. I am also just a coat of matt varnish away from finishing a Bren Carrier as well.

The ATR team has a Peter Pig figure holding the Boys while the rifleman next to him is a QRF figure. The QRF figure is quite bland but blends well.

My impromptu survey yesterday gave mixed results so I went ahead and got some Zulus painted. I finished painting about 5 of them and have a good start on another 10. They painted up quite quickly. I really enjoyed painting them. I will post some pictures probably tomorrow when I have a chance to finish a few more. I will think about basing them later. I need to come to some decisions about that.


  1. Nice job on the desert Brits! I really like the Peter Pig WWII figures too. I have no QRF figures but the Peter Pig mix well with Old Glory Command Decision range.

    1. QRF are a mixed bag. They tend to be bland. They have figures that no one else does. But some of them are just dreadful. I really like the OG/Command Decision figures. My Desert Italians are all OG. I have a bunch of Germans from their lines. I really like them.

  2. They look good Chris. Did you have another snow day to work on stuff?

  3. I took a day off. My work can be done remotely so snow does not really impact as much as I wish it could. I spent the day with my son masking snowmen and having snowball fights.

  4. Not sure what happened to two of my comments. Instead of being applied as replies, they showed up a new comments. Sorry about that. Teach me for trying to reply from my tablet.