Friday, April 19, 2019

Things From the Basement Russian House

Finally I got around to painting up on of the TFTB buildings. I am not sure about the roof yet. I mixed gun metal gray and black then inked it in black. Once dry, I will ink it in rust. I hope that comes out looking like a tin roof. Still have to paint up the chimney and then I will take a few pictures.

Looking over the lead pile on the desk, I am really wanting to get to some of the miniatures that I brought up. All are for Dux Britanniarum and none for Kharkov. Well a couple of peasants may fit in but not really. I do have some grain sacks and boxes that I am going to use for jump off points that I can paint. But the motivation to work on those is low. I do have some T-34s from Gaming Models to use as wrecks that I can work on. Again, I just haven't felt like working on those. The Saxon Archers keep calling to me.

I finished off the house and here it is. Not sure I like the roof. I may tile the next one with the slate tiles I got from Warbases.