Monday, April 1, 2019

Thatched Roofs

One thing I have been wanting to do was to create thatched roof buildings for the Eastern Front. I have the buildings that have some rather plain MDF roofs. I have been struggling with this. I attempted to copy what the Red Beard Baron did on youtube with caulk. The caulk I had dried clear and looked bad. I switched to spackle. That was worse, brittle and ended up needing to be cut off of the roof. Furiously searching the net I came across the War Bard's article on his towel roofing. I decided to give that a shot. And... It looks like it works. I have three of 4 buildings with strips of a worn out wash cloth across them. I glued them down with a mix of tacky glue and water. Then once attached, I have covered it in more glue and water. It has dried hard and looks sturdy. The tough part is working around the chimney's of two of the buildings.

My goal for tomorrow is to give the whole mess a base coat in black. If I have any motivation left after that, I may even paint some. I'm not holding my breath though. Still really tired and weak from the hospital. But at least I am back home.

With these four buildings, I should have a decent amount of terrain to start laying out my Second Kharkov games. The buildings are really nice but I can't remember who the manufacturer is.

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