Friday, April 5, 2019

New Web Store for Wargamer's Odds & Ends

I am busy attempting to set up a new web store for my books that hopefully will be a better option than the direct PayPal links I have been using. PayHip is the service that I am using. So far it has been pretty easy to use. I hope that I can get everything loaded today. I am trying to update some of my older books that don't have covers and lack graphics to make them look better. That is a longer term task that I may not be up to.

According to what I am seeing, I should be able to provide discount codes to run sales from the site. That will be great. Once I have everything set up, I am going to run a sale to test is out.

Health update: I had to go back to the ER yesterday. Severely dehydrated and very low blood pressure. They loaded me down with fluids and sent me home. Doing better today. Hopefully I can get back to writing and painting to have some more stuff to show off.

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  1. Good luck. You have some really well researched scenario books btw