Saturday, April 13, 2019

Terrain Coming Along Nicely

I have gotten in some good days of painting lately. This has felt really good to have gotten stuff done. First up is the last of the Red Vectors buildings.

Next up is the Things From the Basement Shed and Blacksmith shop. I really like these buildings. They are more delicate than the Red Vectors but have more personality to me. I don't think my paint job is up to the quality of the models. I have several more houses to do and their fences. I hope to make more progress next week. Its going well.

Next up is the insanely small 15mm chicken coop from Things from the Basement. It was a tough build and I have two more to do. I loved it so much, I had to paint some livestock as well. I managed 4 pigs and three chickens. I think the livestock is from Donnington Miniatures but could be wrong. I need more chickens. A big thank you to all who helped me paint the pigs. Apparently, it is hard to go wrong. I googled Ukrainian pigs and found some gray pigs with black spots and went with that.

This brings me to show off the pigs in their new home, my previously painted sty. They seem rather content.

Next up on the bench is some more Things From the Basement Houses, fences, and some older fences that I never bothered to paint yet. Once that is all done, I plan on working up my tables for Second Kharkov. I am getting close.

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