Thursday, April 25, 2019

More Terrain

I have been working on two of the Things From The Basement buildings. I have made thatched roofs for these two. I have gotten one about half painted. It is shaping up nicely.

I also assembled my brand new Charlie Foxtrot shock markers. They came 5 in a bag. I will probably get more of these. They look different from the Warbases ones but are flatter. I really like these. i will still use my Warbases ones.

The only things i finished were two haystacks from Six Squared Miniatures. I followed their blog's painting guide and I think they came out nicely. I have many more haystacks from other manufacturers to work on, but these have been my favorites.

I also finished painting my looting Saxons from Peter Pig's Viking Range. These guys came out nicely.I only painted 4 of the five as one was a duplicate. I also based my bishop who was from the same pack. These will go in the Dux Brit shelves soon. Speaking of that, I managed to texture and basecoat four 4-man skirmish bases and eight 6-man shieldwall stands. I can probably knock all of this out tomorrow.

After my buildings, I have the Star Fort miniatures water mill. I will be doing a thatched roof on it as well. I looked on line and only found thatched roof water mills. So we will go with that. Then comes the Things From the Basement Russian Church. That one has me thinking. I am not sure about what to do with it. I may push it to the side and work on the Red vectors ruined village. Anyway, pictures tomorrow once more stuff is done.

The scenario sale has 5 more days with the coupon code "ZWOSESMPIF". I added a Napoleonic Sharp Practice scenario involving a beach landing to take a battery recently. Remember the coupon code will get you 50% off.

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