Monday, April 22, 2019

More Painting Progress... Most off Target

Broke out the paints over the weekend and managed to finish off some more stuff. The only Kharkov related items I finished were three jump off points and some sheep.

That brings me to 7 Jump Off points finished. These are fairly generic and should work for The sheep were nice little models. I really enjoyed painting them up. Very quick and probably not an accurate job. There were six ewes and two rams. They make a nice little herd.

Next up is a group of farmers. The one with the shovel maybe could fit with the Kharkov project but I painted him more to match his buddy with the hat who seems more AWI to me. The third fellow is a Dark Age Shepherd.

Lastly are my Saxons. I had five warriors on a painting stick and then six Saxon archers. This gives me a complete unit of archers and allows me to change my mixed unit of skirmishers to all bowmen. So that is a win for me. I think that helps round out another full unit of warriors for the Saxons as well. I may have had a spare warrior around. If not, I think I have spare lead in a bag somewhere.

I wanted to do something nifty with the shield designs but in the end, my hands were shaking far to bad to accomplish anything like that. I did paint a shield for a Saxon Elite that seemed to have lost his. I also have a bishop that is ready for basing and five looting Vikings (who I will use with my Saxons) as markers for when the Saxons find loot during a raid. Those are some fun figures. There are two carrying sacks of who knows what. A guy trying to make off with some church relics (read a box box filled with skulls). There is a guy pulling a crown from a treasure chest and the last one is making off with a woman in a dress. It was their high value loot pack from Peter Pig. Very colorful figures that I have been enjoying so far.

Lastly, I just undercoated a group of 5 goats and two haystacks. More to complete my farm stuff. These will work for Kharkov. So I don't feel too bad about it. Once that stuff is done, back to painting houses for Kharkov. I am struggling with the roof joins at the moment so I have placed them aside. I also have the Red Vector Ruined village pack sitting underneath those. I doubt I will get much of that done this week but who knows.

Till next time.

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